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Reviews of Love Real Estate

  • I made an appointment with an agent today. Waited 15 min for an agent to come meet me after 15min I called the office to be told they were there for 10min and left. I stood at the front door. There was no chance they missed seeing me.
  • My parents bought a house through Love Real Estate in 1982 so when it was time for me to buy my first home Love was the first place I contacted. My sales agent took excellent care of me, patiently took me to tons of properties and helped me find a place that I loved that was within my budget. I couldn't be any happier.
  • Love Real Estate have been nothing short of fantastic!!
    I'm amazed at how quickly all the paperwork was processed and I was in my new rental property... The House was clean, I had an issue with the Shower head that was shortly fixed...

    Winners in my books!!
    keep it up guys !!
  • What disgusting service!!! I will never ever even consider a property marketed by this crowd again!
  • I was so shocked to read some of the below reviews. I have had nothing but excellent dealings with Love Real Estate, particularly with Michael & Niki at the Preston office. I have been renting with Love Real Estate for 5 years now, all maintenance requests have always been attended to promptly by their staff. The entire Preston office down to the their secretary have always gone the extra mile when it comes to rectifying issues and ensuring that we are happy and comfortable at the property we are renting. I would highly recommend Love Real Estate particularly Michael & Niki at Preston to anyone who is looking to lease, sell or rent!
  • I have had nothing positive dealings with Love Preston. They arranged for me to inspect a property late saturday afternoon because that was the only time. Since i moved in there have been a few maintenance issues but they have all been resolved within a couple days with no stress on me or my house mates.
    They have always been very helpful and understanding with any issue that has come up.
    I have sinced moved out of this property and purchased an investment property of my own which i will have no hesitations in allowing Love to manage this for me.
  • Great service. I am aware that people use this website only to coma in about service but I feel that the service I received requires to be praised.
    The staff were very friendly and helpful.
    Great service, efficient and super friendly.
    I am surprised at the reviews also read about the company. Must be some pretty difficult tenants as the service I received was nothing but A class.
    Keep up the good work..
  • Our experience was much the same as the other reviewers indicate - these guys really do give Love a bad name. We rented a property that hadn't been cleaned, had a non-functioning stove, dangerously defective electrical wiring, blocked gutters, broken windows...after six weeks without cooking facilities we had to take them to VTAC to finally get a working stove. That was just for starters...I won't bore you with our litany of grievances, but trust me, we're talking rental Hell.

    Finally, when the guttering had leaked so much that the floorboards rotted through, and we asked for repairs, we received an eviction notice. Sound familiar?

    Avoid these guys. Avoid them like the proverbial plague.
  • I rented with Love Real estate for about 3 years, during that time my constant emails/phone calls to get them to fix up the house that was pretty much falling down from lack of maintenance came unanswered. The guttering outside fell off one day and almost hit my car from being so rusty and the wiring in the house would leave lights on that wouldnt turn off and it would rain down the gas heater. They refused to let me log a maintenance request over the phone and I was told to email it in so it is in writing. My property manager refused to call me back, claimed I never applied to have the property fixed, even though I have it in writing from all the emails I had sent. When they finally listened I was served with a letter stating I have 120 days to vacate the property with no reason given. I did my best to keep that property up to scratch considering what I was working with and always paid rent on time. When I left, the gardens were looking better than when I moved in, but the owner decided to remove them all and charged me removal fee out of my bond (even though they were more overgrown when I moved in), refusing to show receipts. After weeks of them refusing to call me back as I didnt agree, I had to call their boss and complain to them about how bad they were. I finally had to give in because I didnt have time to take it to VCAT as Id just started a new job. Definitely would NEVER recommend this agency, massive waste of time and energy and you will just end up stressed.
  • Worst service you can imagine. They made several errors. Truly misleading and do not recommend their services to anyone. They stress how much extra service they give than any other real estate agency but do not take action and responsibility for their faults. When I asked them to rectify the issue due to one of their real estate agents mistakes they denied all responsibility even after they apologized for it.

    If you know anyone thinking of signing up with these guys please feel free to contact me for the full story. I do not want anyone else to go through what I have as an agency which basis its reputation on something which it is not is not a company that should be trusted.

    No resolution has resolved from this and I am still out of pocket.

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