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Chatswood, NSW
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Luc Espace is an AVEDA lifestyle salon

The Tribe Lifestyle group is one of Sydney's premier salon destinations. Incorporating Tribe Lifestyle and Luc Espace we are situated in high profile locations in Sydney cbd, Chatswood chase and with One&Only Hayman Island.

Our salons are progressive and constantly at the forefront of hair fashion. This dedication to our craft translates to fresh ideas and ultimate client confidence.

Tribe is a family of cutting edge hairdressers who are focused on creating a hairdressing service that is experiential. We are renown for our signature rituals offered before every service and thorough consultation ensuring each client's idea becomes their image.

We exclusively use Aveda products because they are sustainable, naturally derived and ensures our salons are non toxic; which is good for our people and our guests. 

W: tribelifestyle.com.au
IG: Lucespace_Tribe

2013 Finalist New Creative Force
2012 Winner National Colour Harmony Award
2012 Finalist Best Salon Design
2010 Winner Australian Colour Harmony Award
2009 Winner Australian Colour Harmony Award
2008 Winner Australian Colour Harmony Award
2007 Winner Business Of The Year Award
2006 Winner Australian Colour Harmony Award
2006 Winner Most Outstanding Salon Award
2006 Winner Best Salon Design Award
2005 Winner Australian Colour Harmony Award
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Reviews of Luc Espace

  • I have been a customer of Luc Espace for more than 10 years and I am not only extremely happy with the customer service and quality of the experience every time I visit but I have to say every member of the staff loves working there and I think that says a lot. I always get great compliments about my hair and I am happy to recommend Luke and his team to anyone.
    Thank you Luke and team for making me feel great every time I visit !
  • I visited the salon for the first time today to do a cut/colour/treatment. I want to say Thankyou for an EXTRAORDINARY job. The colour was flawless and I loved the experience. the customer service was amazing and everyone was really friendly. Will definitely become a regular. So so so impressed.
    • B.tyler Thankyou I really appreciate the feedback and I will share it with the team.
      Warm regards, luke
  • I've been coming to Luc Espace for years and have always been so happy with the service. My usual stylist recently left and I was recommended to see Donald. I couldn't be happier with my new look. Thank you Donald! See you in six weeks!
    • Emily Thankyou for taking the time to give some positive feedback it means a lot to the team I will certainly pass on.
  • I've always struggled with salons that I've visited. They never seem to understand the colour I'm after. After visiting Tanya at Luc Espace this week, I can't stop telling people how happy I am. She listened to me, showed me examples and made me feel so comfortable. I received a hand massage while my colour was processing, which totally relaxed me and when my colour was done and dry, I was thrilled. I've spent so much more for so much less. I will be back time again.
    • Thankyou Jamie101, Its reassuring to hear your positive feedback I will certainly pass it on to Tanya

      Thankyou, Luke
  • As the management I would expect you to be better informed. I was charged $125. Oh, this must have been for the tea, glass of water or massage that I was not offered!

    Yes you provided me with a hairstyle and makeup however not to my satisfaction.

    If I had made a booking months ahead for a very important occasion, why was it that you had the need to pill staff in from other salons? The whole experience was a debacle from start to finish.

    Customer service 101 - ensure that when your client walks out your doors, they are completely satisfied.

    This unsatisfied customer will not be walking through your doors again.
    • I'm more than happy to continue a conversation off line and can be contacted luke@luespace clearly you are not happy and I would like to help however I can.
  • Saturday 13th September was my son's wedding and as mother-of-the groom I wanted my hair and make-up to be perfect. I had only recently started coming to Lucespace and I enjoyed the experience and convenience. I live in Chatswood. My hair colour was perfect and I had many compliments. So feeling confident I booked in for an up-do and make-up for the 13th. My appointment was made for 8.45 with a particular staff and 10 for make-up. I like to ensure things are checked off so about a month before the wedding I popped in to ensure my bookings were in the system and all was ok. The reception staff informed me that the previous staff was no longer doing my hair and that another staff (who was absolutely fantastic with up dos) would look after me. I was reassured although a little thrown that no-one had bothered to call me to let me know. I had a colour and cut three weeks before the wedding and mentioned to this new staff that they would be doing my hair. We talked about the style and we agreed that I should pop in to have a bit more of a formal discussion as it was a busy Thursday night. I popped in the Wednesday before the wedding to have a quick 10 minute chat with them. What a shock! The reception staff informed me that this new staff was not doing my hair and that another staff had the job. And of course they were fantastic with up dos and much better. I waited 45 minutes for this staff as they were at the other salon. We chatted and I told them what I wanted - a low bun. We then chatted whether I should have it on the side or more at the back - with a bit of texture. As I was leaving I said to the reception staff I'll see you 8.45 Saturday. Upon which they told me they didn't open till 9. Why then I asked them was I booked in for 8.45? A mistake they replied. We get to one of the happiest days of my life and I'm on a timetable15 minutes made a difference to my day. I approach the salon at 8.52 and can't believe the amount of people already in there. A staff lady with a half head of foils, a man getting his haircut polis more. I get to the reception desk and the same reception staff is there. I ask them why if there are people here my original appointment could not have occurred. Their response was that those people were early!!! From then on my perfect day was totally ruined. Tears were rolling down my face as I sat in front of the mirror. Did anyone ask me if I was ok? NO! Someone who could have been a management walked past with some tea and smuggly said that I looked as if I needed some stress tea! The staff arrived at 9.05 because they started at 9. They started on my hair and I knew that it was not going to be what I wanted. At this point I was so upset I sat there. I had no option I had to be home by 11 and still needed my make- up done. The make-up staff was lovely but said to me that if they had prior notice they would have had their kit. Hence they were scrambling around for bits and pieces. The reception staff had me in their line of vision at this point, when it was all finished they had the audacity to ask me how everything was. I asked them if they were serious to which they laughed at me. Oh my God how do these people get jobs? I mustered all my composure and told them. They DID NOT APOLOGISE but did discount 'the experience' with the sourest of expressions. They took my credit card and walked away. I am in my 50s and in all my hairdressing experiences - good and bad - have I had such a horrible experience. I have many female friends to whom I related my experience. They live in the area and they have friends and colleagues............ Let me end this saga by adding no- one complimented me on my hair or make- up.
    • Hi Froghollow,

      I take full responsibility for the unfortunate experience you had on the day and this is why you where not charged for either the hair up or the makeup. We have addressed the points you brought up and please know this is not the experience that is normally had.
      In addressing some of your points. The week prior to you appointment you where informed of the changes and given options. We booked you with someone whom you had had a consultation with and where happy to proceed with.
      Your hair up was started at 9.05 and makeup at 940am and completed on time, if not earlier. I am aware of and am certainly not happy with the communication breakdown that resulted in your not being happy however knowing it was an important day we did provide you with everything you required and pulled people from other salons to ensure your needs where met.

      I sincerely hope we see you again

      Regards, Luke Smart
    • Thank you for posting this review, I need to get my hair done for a friends wedding and there is nothing worse then reception staff that can't book you in when they have plenty of time to do it that's just ridiculous its not like working reception at a hair salon is hard. But back to my original point, I appreciate this post so I don't end up in the same situation. Hope the wedding was lovely.
  • I recently visited this salon from a recommendation from a friend. I am getting married next April so at the moment I am very picky with who I see as I want my hair to be perfect on my wedding day. I can honestly say I've never had such a lovely experience in a hair salon. The team were so welcoming, I loved the tea they served, the head and shoulder massage, I was even offered a hand massage. I was very happy with both my cut and colour and will definitely be going back. 11 out of 10 for me. Thank you, again.
    • Thankyou SydneyBlogger, your feedback is very much appreciated and i will share it with our team. All the best Luke
  • The team at Lucespace have always kept my locks in order, whatever my mood and whatever the occasion. I bounce between all locations and always am so happy with the service, vibe and end result . I am often stopped in the street and asked who does my hair and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them. I love this place, and you will too!

    *another thing : True local didn't allow me to give an official 5 star rating ... But I do ??????????
    • Thankyou Realitychq, im glad to hear you enjoyed your experience. Look forward to seeing you again in the salon. Regards Luke
  • I first went to this salon in June 2014 at the recommendation of my daughter. She had her hair cut by Hitomi and said that I should try the salon. At this stage the salon was still in the Westfield Shopping Centre in Chatswood. I was looking forward to my colour because the salon looked so lovely on the website and my daughter had a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, I was not impressed by the staff at the front desk. If someone is in a customer facing role, they should at least make eye contact with their customers and show some interest. This staff didnt even look at me. Kept their eye on the computer when looking for my booking and then said "follow me" without looking at me. Put the black robe on me and sat me at my seat all with no interaction at all. At no time did the staff smile and make me feel welcome in that salon. I am now due for another colour and, after careful consideration, have decided not to go back to Tribe Hair. Let's face it, it's an expensive hair salon, and if I'm going to spend that much money, I'd like to feel welcome. I'd like someone to smile and greet me. I'd like to feel a valued customer. I certainly did not feel welcome on my first visit, so I won't be having a second. Also, it's way too expensive. I spent $202 on a 1/2 head of foils and treatment and then you wanted another $55 to blow dry. And then $85 for a cut. I was disappointed with the colour as it faded quickly. I understand about your tiered pricing system and the organic products that you use but I don't think your expensive service was any better than my local hairdresser who is reasonably priced and who also use organic products.
    • Hello TN1961,
      Your review has come through to Luc Espace and I understand you went to Tribe. I will however bring this up with our customer care team. As it is one of the most important areas of the business.
      Our pricing is benchmarked against industry and feel it appropriate for the level of training and development our team receive.
      Trust your concerns have been heard and will be addressed.

      Regards, Luke owner
  • I've had 2 really great experiences here. But then I had one staff who completely ruined my hair, and messed it up more than I could even imagine possible. I left in tears, and had to spend 10 minutes in the centre bathrooms calming down before going out into public I was so embarrassed. I've died my own hair and had it mess up, but it was still not as bad as what they did to my hair. I have dark blonde hair and get it highlighted/roots a lighter blonde I have been dying it for more than 10 years.

    Normally when I've had my hair dyed it wouldn't be left on for more than 45mins to an hour at most! I sat in the chair while the hairdresser helped somebody else for an hour and a half. The whole time I'm sitting there my scalp is burning, trying to make eye contact with hairdresser to take it off my head.

    Eventually the apprentice came over and had a look at my hair and seemed to then run off and grab the attention of the hairdresser. They immediately sent me to the chairs to wash the colour off. Watching the apprentice freak out by something I wasn't aware of at the time.. They did a bleach wash on my hair? They did this at least twice. While scrubbing at my head which was still burning! They then recommended a treatment. Which I would have appreciated knowing was $40 and not complementary!

    When I sat back in the chair for the dry off. I was absolutely mortified. My hair was fluorescent orange and yellow. It was horrible. The customers in the chairs next to me looked at me with sad looks, obviously seeing what had just happened. The edge of my face and hairline was bright from the colour which had obviously burnt my skin from the overdone colour. I assumed positive intent. Hoping that when it was dry it would look different.

    Nope. It was terrible. Orange/Yellow and absolutely terrible. I can't believe that a senior hair colourist could not do blonde regrowth properly! It would be such a common thing to do! What made me really angry was the way the colourist approached the situation. They obviously wasn't blind. They could see what they had done, and how upset I was. They then had the nerve to tell me that maybe next time I shouldn't leave it so long in-between colours and that I should have dyed it a different colour. As if this was my fault, when they'd clearly messed up! I didn't even bother saying anything after this. I am still incredibly angry about this.

    I called up a few days later after I'd called health first from the blisters the colour had left on my head and around my face. I wanted a refund, but the receptionist didn't seem to care. I don't want it to be fixed by somebody that could possibly burn my scalp again and make the colour worse.

    I've now had to spend over $200 in products and at other salons trying to fix this and my hair is now brittle and can't handle any more colour. I have to wear it up with distracting headbands and hats in public.
    I've never been more unhappy with a hairdresser than the one that ruined my hair that day.

    I will never go back.
    • Hi Rosalie,
      This is highly unusual! Id like to try and get some more information from you as we don't have a Rosalie in our system and haven't registered any issues matching what you have outlined over the past 3 months.
      Rosalie, we are a professionally run salon and hold the care of our customers and the hair service with the upmost respect.
      If you wouldn't mind phoning the salon 0294101033 and speak with Lisa or email me directly luke@lucespace.com id like to follow up. Regards Luke
  • atan7 Local Star 1,295 reviews
    Absolutely love coming to this salon. You feel pampered and relaxed. From beginning to end, the staff are friendly, courteous and professional. I always look forward to my next appointment and would highly recommend this salon to anyone.
  • From Caroline Cummings -SYDNEY/CENTRAL COAST PEEPS -

    I want to give a BIG shout out to anyone who would love to get a hair makeover or a top-notch colour that uses NATURAL products tested on people, not animals I just had the very good fortune to be gifted a set of foils on my hair from the brilliant, award-winning, Aveda hair-colourist Mr Peter Maloney at Luc Espace in Chatswood Chase centre. For almost four hours I was authentically pampered and attended to by Peter (and others who helped) and made to feel really special and cared about. I could see this going on with all the other clients too, which is really quite amazing. Plenty of variety of great magazines (let's face it, that's really important too, right?!) AND the in-house herbal teas were actually pretty divine too!

    The salon was very plush but not "in your face" and I really liked the touch where anyone having foils or colour get to sit all together around a big long table in the salon, with NO mirrors right there....so you don't have to look at yourself at your most feral and image-conscious vulnerable moments! KEWL!l.

    It was my first introduction to Aveda products and if you have never tried them, they are really beautiful. Peter's knowledge and confident consultation was second to none.

    As well as foils, I had a couple of wonderful hair treatments - one of which had me left alone, sitting head back in comfy recliner at the sink for about fifteen minutes, to the point where I think I did actually manage to start hippy-trippy, floating on the ceiling I especially valued being asked beforehand, if I would like eye patches for that duration....in case my closed eyelids might be "bothered by the lighting above" - what a nice touch! It's also pretty special when your colourist comes over to the basin to carefully and thoroughly check in minute detail how the foils have taken, to the point where they see one LITTLE bit on your head that warrants a 'correction" right there and then....something that only a perfectionist who cares could see and find important to do!

    In short - you gotta book in! Ask for Peter though - he's the spunky, funny, wise one....very talented and ONLY there one day a week starting next week. He WILL get booked out, so if this calls you, get in touch with him. Tell him I sent you - I don't get any kickbacks, I just really believe in his work after today. Thanks again Peter - you made my day really special and helped my hair HUGELY.

  • I have now been going to Luc Espace for a number of years. I find the staff, all of them, to always be so helpful and patient with me. I love the surrounds that the salon offers; I always feel welcomed, pampered and a little bit spoilt. There has never been a time that I've not loved the style that I've walked away with; which is amazing considering I'm known to say - Keep it long but otherwise do what you think will work for me. they explore my lifestyle and how much time I spend on styling and give me a modern cut that not only suits me as an individual but my no fuss life too. I love the salon; I bet anyone else going there will too.
  • Worst hair experience. My stylist was nice enough but the outcome is horrible. My hair has been unevenly coloured (darker at the roots and front). I would never go back and urge you not to either. I will now have to pay more money and spend the better part of my Saturday having a proper stylist fix what was done.

    • From Owner:Thank you for taking the time to provide the feedback on your experience, I'm sorry the colour hasn't turned out exactly as you envisaged.

      The most important thing is to get your hair right. I would like to arrange to have our colour director look at your hair and sort it out for you. We stand behind all the work we do sometimes if there is a problem it will most certainly will be addressed and rectified.

      look forward to hearing from you. Luke
  • jojostuff Local Star 403 reviews
    I came back last Saturday (a week after my previous visit for a cut) and was booked in for a colour with Tanya whom I've never dealt with before. To be honest, I was a tad skeptical about a previous review but what was described was pretty accurate. She spoke to me to find out what I wanted, what I liked, and offered to price it up for me before she continued.

    I think I had a "halo" (though I'm not quite sure what that means) and some foils done, and the colour was great and it was pretty much exactly what I expected. Loved the hand massage while they put in a colour gloss at the sink too.
  • jojostuff Local Star 403 reviews
    It's been years since my last visit to Luc Espace. I'd stopped going because my wedding hair stylist wanted to have my hair cut and coloured a certain way for the wedding, and then I started going to a salon near the office out of convenience. I was looking back at old photos recently and realised how much I loved my hair when I was seeing Luke at Luc Espace, so I decided to book myself back in for an appointment.

    I was running late to my appointment because I was stuck in Chatswood traffic, but they were really accommodating and made it work despite the hiccup in schedule. Everyone was very welcoming and I forgot how much I loved the "ritual" - though I would have done anything for a stronger massage that day. ;)

    I never know what to do with my hair, and something I've always appreciated about Luke and the team is that they just seem to know what to do. During my cut with Luke, the lady in the chair next to me got his attention to gush over her stylist and what a great job she'd done. I haven't seen anyone leave without looking great, and I'd be pretty comfortable not looking in the mirror, knowing that my hair would turn out well. When I got home, the husband commented that "Luke gives you the best haircuts"... Now, if only I could get the husband in for a proper haircut himself!
  • I am very critical of salons as i was a hairdresser for 10 years before having children. I have been unhappy with so many salons and every salon i went to i felt like i had been ripped off either with the colour, service or price!
    I saw Tanya on a Sunday and was impressed with her enthusiasm and professionalism she provided me with a quote before beginning and the result has been spot on! thankyou Tanya
  • I am a client with Luc Espace for many years , i have my hair done twice a week and every time i walk in through that door i get welcomed by their friendly team. I love the smell of the Aveda products and always feel confident im in good hands with who ever Im with. Theres no way you can find a better salon than Luc Espace. I get so many compliments of how shiny and healthy my hair looks, loving the Aveda colour.

  • Woah, $330 for a colour and cut - and I only wanted a trim, although unfortunately that's not what I got. I was quite happy with my colour. The colourist listened to me, explained what they had in mind, and delivered what they'd described. But it was a different story when it came to my cut. Despite saying I didn't like layers, the stylist suggested they cut light layers and then cut heavy layers around my face - right where I didn't want them. I don't like it and they will take a long time to grow out. The worst part was they did my "consultation" when I was sitting at a table with my hair in foils and no mirror in front of me - it was really hard to explain what I wanted, and I don't think they really cared. It staggers belief that a hairdresser would do a consultation without even seeing the hair they were cutting - then charge $110 for the privilege. They also got me to flip my hair over my head when they were cutting so I couldn't even see how they was cutting it. I've never had a hairdresser cut my hair like that and I don't think anyone would really call it a good cut.
    It's a very la-di-dah salon - which is great if you don't mind paying for their interior design job and inhouse promo magazine instead of a good haircut. Everyone calls you darling and lovely which is kind of phoney especially when they give you a dodgy haircut.
    • Our prices start from $65 for a cut and feel it represents excellent value for money. There is a tiered system which allows for people with many years of experience to charge at higher rates. If you are a little price sensitive i would suggest a level 1 for your next cut or colour. All our team have weekly education and are not "on the floor" unless completely competent with their skill. Luke
  • I have been to more than 20 salons in Sydney since arriving in Sydney. The level of service and skills in the salons is absolutely appalling. From hi end salons like toni & guy, aveda, to your local hairdresser on the corner....... horrible. I enter expecting the worst, and leave with what I had expected "Crap Hair, Crap Service",
    So this is where Luc Espace has shone out like a diamond in the rough. The level of service from the time you enter the salon, greeted professionally, offered a beverage, my coat hung, my scalp massaged, my hair cut to perfection, blow dried and GHD'd, not a strand out out place!!!
    Now if they can deliver such service, why can no other salon offer this! I hope that they don't lower their standards to that of the other salons in Sydney. I can only wish that other salons would look the them and raise their standards.
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