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Reviews of Luneburger German Bakery

  • mzthing Local Star 168 reviews
    A bit exy for the quantity but its all about the quality. This is definately quality. The smell coming from the bakery is just to hard to resist eating something from here. There is a very small seating area. However the cheese snail and the chocolate cheesecake is a must try.

    I've noticed service here can be a bit bad depending on the time of day and which new young thing is on duty but it's more about the food for me rather than service.
  • Sometimes people ask me "Have you ever been in the German bakery?" And my answer is " yes, of course".
    But this is not just an ordinary positive review.
    If you go there, you will understand why many people buy their breads and pastries on the whole.
    I can say without a doubt that the Crusty bread is my favourite one.
    If you are careful about the calories, their breads will be a nice addition to your healthy diet.
    I don't like the pumpkin seed bread, because the seeds are all over it and to be honest.. I don't like the feeling when you have seeds between your teeth.
    And no matter that the dental floss is always with me, I just don't like breads with seeds so much.
  • bradlyloco Local Star 184 reviews
    A great range of German baked goods. Breads, pastries, rolls, and sandwiches. I specifically went for the pretzels which was fresh and tasty. Big bits of course salt on the outside to set off the chewy dough pretzel. Conveniently located in the QVB - entry is via the Town Hall end on the Lower Ground floor.

    Very friendly staff. There is seating out the front of their store to sit and eat your spoils.

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