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Reviews of Lygon Street Car Park

  • I recently parked in this car park on a Sunday afternoon. Caught up with friends had a bite to eat overall a great day. Walked to the car park 11.05pm only to find the doors closed. I was not aware the car park closed at 11pm and missed it by 5min. Do people not stay out beyond 11pm in Carlton! I have never known a car park to close so early. Anyway proceeded to call the number on the door only to have the staff on the other end of the phone repeatedly tell me I had to pay $50 to have the door opened. I pleaded with them that it was only 5min past but still insisted I needed to pay $50 which I agreed to. Upon their arrival they asked me for the $50 which I reluctantly gave them but insisted they give me a receipt. They opened the door I walked over to the lift and got in there were no lights, luckily I had a friend with me.....it was a little frightening. As I drove to the exit the staff gave me my receipt and the validated ticket to open the boom gate. It wasn't till a few days later when I was cleaning the car I looked at the receipt which was meant to be for $50 but the receipt was only for $5.....so where did the other $45 go??? So the moral of the story is do not park in the 204 Lygon St car park unless you plan on having an early night and also check the amount on your receipt.

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