Lyn Chris Confectionary

Ingleburn, NSW
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Reviews of Lyn Chris Confectionary

  • Hi, I am addicted to your soft licorice logs and think they are far better than Darrell Lea licorice, however I can't find them in Big W anymore......? Just wanted to find out which other shops stock them and can they be bought direct from you at all?
  • Your chocolate licorice I found to be far too soft. I like licorice that requires a mild amount of chewing but this stuff was so gooey and it stuck to my teeth for ages!
    The taste wasn't that strong either, you need to add a bit more aniseed oil ..and did I say make it a bit more chewy. That said, it's better than some chocolate coated licorice bullets I've tried that were so hard it was like chewing well, err bullets.
  • Hi , I love your chocolate licorice, I bought two packets today and out of the 5 logs, 2 were an inch shorter than normal. Ido have pictures.
    Pls make sure they are full packs as they are delicious!
  • Nearly broke my tooth on a random hard object in the middle of a piece of this licorice!
  • I absolutely love love love the chocolate licorice. So good. Thank you. I buy it all the time at Woolies. Michelle Morse
  • discovered the chocolate licorice sticks - super premium in safeway last week. 6 pkts later, need to stock up. best licorice i've had...smooth, tasty, yummo !!!

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