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Reviews of M & G Motors

  • -Sold an unroadworthy car and attempted to convince me it was roadworthy when other mechanics said it wasn't.
    -Very rude
    -Broken promises
  • Took my car in to fix a clutch which took 5 days. Within 12 hours after driving away car was constantly stalling. Slow, rude. Dreadful.Pathetic.
  • thank you very much for once again selling us a great car! This is car number 3 now we have bought from M&G motors and we have never been happier with the car and customer service we have received every time we have bought a car. would recommend to anyone :)
  • Very happy with the car I bought! The salesman was helpful and easy to deal with, not rude or forceful like other. quality of car 10/10. customer service 10/10
  • I bought my first car from M&G motors about 6 months ago and its been great :). I looked around endlessly for 2 weeks trying to find the right car. The car I saw was in good nick and drove as a car should (no noises) and on top of that I got a great price too! I've already recommended 2 of my friends to get their first car from their, now all 3 of us are happy with our first cars from M&G motors
  • A little tip for M and G Motors. Before you sign off on a road worthy certificate, make sure you've checked that the break lights are working. Neither brake light was working. One of several basic omissions on the RWC. My mechanic just shook head when mechanic saw the condition of the car. When I rang the management was rude.
  • The worst used car yard to buy from. Not only was I sold an unroadworthy vehicle, they made all kinds of excuses to make you not want to come back. Like overheating was a normal thing for a car to do in winter when left running.
    Do Not buy a car from here, they are friendly when it comes to taking your money but have no trouble selling you a car well overpriced, then refuse to fix it even though they know it is unroadworthy. Do yourself a favor and stay away!
  • Great Car yard, we have bought 4 cars from them over the years and not one bit of trouble with any of them, they are just so helpful and accommodating. I can not recommend them highly enough.

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