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  • Student4693 Newbie   1 review
    Service at MAC1 is extremely poor, after entering the store and browsing for a few minutes i had received no acknowledgement. Store condition and stock placement appears to be run down with limited activity on the shop floor. However not a surprise since both team members where sitting at the service desk when i entered. The attitude of one employee was quite aggressive and almost made me leave the store.

    As i approached the counter one particular employee was surfing the web with no real intention of helping me, i also noticed a cigarette lighter on the counter.

    Perhaps if the employees of this particular store would get off their a####s help entering customers, stock the shelves, they would make their budget for the day/week/month. Maybe instead of browsing the web and not acknowledging they would have customers who would return.

    Would not recommend this store to anyone who is willing to spend vasts amount of money.
  • Bev Saidel   3 reviews
    I recently took my MacBookPro to MAC1 Burwood in order to determine why it was no longer working. Although the store was busy when I arrived, I was acknowledged and told that someone would be with me shortly.
    A diagnostic of the unit was completed within the timeframe discussed and I received a phone call from the service department informing me of its outcome. The staff was helpful and patient while answering my many questions which in turn helped me to make a determination on how to proceed.
    I have visited Mac1 Burwood on a number of different occasions and each time the customer service has been well above average at the general sales desk and from the service repair desk. Their willingness to work with me has been a huge plus in determining the best outcome for my Mac computing needs.
  • Subin Xu Newbie   1 review

    I have to mention the management at Burwood MAC1was rude. My home key was obviously default as the Hornsby Apple person saw. BUT our "Genius" bounced me back by finding a top left corner works when you press it hard enough to break your finger..... That's not really easy press as it suppose to be-..-" and was saying" i'm pressing like how I usually for me" and the colleague was saying "always works in your hand". Imagine how many poor apple fans were disappointed in the past. I would not recommend anyone go to the Burwood one as an authorised service provider =/
  • projectk   10 reviews
    The service at this store is by far the poorest i have ever seen. They quoted me a ridiculous amount to fix my laptop, i took it instead to another Apple place and it was fixed for half the price. Now also did things like ring me when the job was done-you'll get no such service from Mac 1. I had to continually ring them up, and they went well over the amount of time they quoted me to just take a look at my unit.
  • seanaussie Local Star   889 reviews
    Had a hard drive fail on an imac and although they did fix it and back it up too they charged an arm & leg, and customer service was very average. Wouldn't go back.
  • Wang Sep Newbie   1 review
    Just bought a ipad2 from there and it's got a white dot on the screen they don't exchange for me and ask me fix it in apple store, and apple told me they can only fix for me can't give me a new one,cuz I didn't buy from apple store,paid 600dollar and get a repaired ipad2? This shop won't take any responsibility for their product, better buy from apple store


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