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Reviews of Macquarie Centre

  • What a transformation! The Macquarie Centre has really changed since I was last there, the new developments have turned what was a pretty boring suburban shopping dead end into something worth driving half an hour to get to. And on Sunday morning it seemed that many others felt the same way. Lots of shiny new shops to explore and plenty of interesting food places around every corner to recover strength to shop on. We two gals covered everything on our lists plus a bit more and went home tired but happy - shopping therapy at its best!
  • Wasteland Local Star 244 reviews
    This is a great shopping centre.

    They have a great range of restaurants, cafes and fashion store etc.

    Love the new store 'Zing Pop Culture' and it's great having the ice rink in their as well.
  • Jess_2014p Local Star 170 reviews
    Wow! what a great place to explore with new shops around every corner. This centre has at least doubled in size since its renovations, and has all the big brand names including H&M, Uniqlo,GAP and a fresh food market. I was like a kid in a lolly shop! Must confess I got a bit dazzled after a while so remember to pace yourself if you are planning to be there for longer than a few hours.
  • jojostuff Local Star 404 reviews
    I take back what I previously said about Macquarie Centre being old and fuddy-duddy. The newly refurbished and extended shopping centre is really impressive, mainly because of the array of fashion and beauty names being brought to the centre. There's something for every price point too, from H&M and Uniqlo to the likes of Zimmerman, Scanlan & Theodore, Willow, Josh Goot and Alice McCall. Another welcome addition is Mecca Maxima, which looks strangely like a Sephora store.

    They've gone all out with Christmas decorations in the centre - in a good way. I love the wide aisles in the new wing of the shopping centre, though lift and toilet facilities aren't that conveniently placed. Parents rooms are clean and well-equipped though, with great play areas for the little ones.

    My favourite store in the centre is the new David Jones, but that deserves its own review!
  • Easternian Local Star 1,121 reviews
    After its recent major renovations, there is now so much more to look forward to at Macquarie Centre. The recent changes has brought forward two new levels of retail, showcasing the sought after global brands such as Zara, H&M, and Uniqlo on its luxurious, open-atmosphere atrium and shiny floors.

    David Jones has also been re-introduced to the centre, providing more selection to customers in addition to Myer that has always been there.

    There is also a new dining area with beautiful wooden dcor right outside the new and spacious Coles supermarket not far from Woolworths.

    The centre has also now been equipped with free Wi-Fi, which is more and more becoming a norm for many shopping centres. Best of all, there are still ample parking and they are still free for the first 3 hours, although you would definitely need more time to enjoy everything this centre has to offer!
  • atan7 Local Star 1,300 reviews
    Amazing centre that is now the fashion presinct of Sydney with H&M, uniqlo and Zara all opening in the newly built quarter.

  • atan7 Local Star 1,300 reviews
    New renovations are occurring but recently a new section has opened containing a Coles and a whole range of new fresh food. There is also a Daiso! This place is huge and very busy!
  • jojostuff Local Star 404 reviews
    It's a decent shopping centre with all the usual shops, but I try to avoid Macquarie Centre if I can. I find the shops a bit old and outdated, and I find the sloping levels that go round and round really confusing. Parking on certain levels is a nightmare.
  • Larni 169 reviews
    Great centre, heaps of parking and very well laid out shopping mall. There is great entertainment avaliable with movies and the ice rink, and plenty of resturant and food court areas. Good atmosphere to meet with friends and have a good time.
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