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Mad Pizza

Darlinghurst, NSW
Open today - 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Mon 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Tue 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Wed 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Thu 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Fri 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sat 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sun 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Mad Pizza is known for its super thin pizza, Prepared with high quality ingredients and toppings.
Thanks to the simple but funky menu, pasta lovers also get a great and tasteful dining experience out of Mad Pizza in Darlinghurst.


Dining Options

Outdoor Seating Private Room Eat-in Functions Take-Away Bookings



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Reviews of Mad Pizza

  • rina.v Local Star 407 reviews
    The panini was alright, I asked for prosciutto to make it a little more interesting. The pizzas look very generic although I never tasted them. I prefer my Italian wood fired pizza but this place is good to go to I guess for a quick bite.
  • The best pizza in town. Thin crust.. and fresh flavor. The staff is always very polite and great service.
  • WeenieM Local Star 88 reviews
    I am a huge fan of mad pizza. We've been here several times and its been awesome. The other night however it was not so awesome. We were in one of the private rooms upstairs and it was absolutely boiling hot. So so hot. They had air con but it didn't do anything unless you stood right in front of it and the tables were across the other side of the huge room. The service wasn't good either. We did the $25 all you can eat but there was a very long wait between pizzas and barely any salads came out. By the time more food came everyone had given up on eating. I still love the place though as the pizzas are delicious. Perhaps we just caught them on an off night. Plus we probably won't get the private rooms again until winter.
  • Hands down the BEST pizza place I've ever been to.
    The food was fresh, the menu was interesting, the service was good.
    The atmosphere and decor made for a very comfortable relaxed atmosphere.
    The DJ was playing some great music, althought I did find it was a bit loud.
    Food was very reasonably priced as well.
    Will definitely be coming back.
  • siros 25 reviews
    Headed out to dinner with some work colleagues. Pizzas are great! A variety of delicious toppings available, the Tuscano (Lamb Shanks) and Amalfi (Tiger Prawns) being my faves, give them a try! They won't disappoint.
  • This place has to be the best pizza place in Sydney. We always go there when we want to have pizza. It would be nicer if they have more tables so we wouldnt have to wait though..
  • WeenieM Local Star 88 reviews
    Mad Pizza is great for a boozy group dinner before heading out. They do a fab deal where you each pay $25 for all you can eat pizza and salads. You choose a range of pizzas and they bring them out with 3 different types of salads on the side and they just keep coming and coming till you just can't possibly fit another bite in. The pizzas are so delicious too with thin crusts and tasty toppings. The pumpkin, feta and pine nut salad is so good. You pay for drinks separately when you order them at the bar which is great for those keen to have several cheeky drinks compared to those who prefer to be a bit better behaved. If you are in a big enough group you can book one of the two rooms upstairs which is so much fun, your in control of your own music with a private iPod dock, and you can be as loud and rowdy as you like without worrying about others around you too much. Like I said - great place for a boozy dinner before continuing on to one or many of the bars near by.
  • Great place!
    had lunch there and almost everything on the menu at lunch time is $10. Its pretty hard to beat that. The servings are big and the food tasted amazing! its definitely my new favourite place to go for lunch. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and had great music playing. Will be going back for sure!
  • Amelia Blight Foodie 57 reviews
    I love the modern twist Mad Pizza has taken on the stereotypical Italian restaurant decor of bentwood chairs, faux flowers and red and white checked table clothes, funking it up with dark walls, dim lighting and on weekends DJs, whoop!
    The food here is great, if you like contemporary, thin based pizzas, tasty salads and traditional pastas...who doesnt? And it has a groove about it that sets it apart for the other similar establishments on Victoria street which makes it very appealing for all us 20 somethings who want to go somewhere cheap, fun and hip before hitting the bars of Kings Cross!
    Be prepared to loosen the belt buckle because you most definitely will not leave Mad Pizza hungry, completely delicious, completely cool and completely filling!
    With its good tunes, food and vibes its biggest downfall is parking, so forget the car and get stuck into the Vino!
  • Eatstreets Foodie 62 reviews
    I rate this place pretty hightly. It's in a bustling street, so there's always a few people in there creating a decent atmosphere. There's also a DJ who sits up in an elevated sort of box, looking out over the restaurant, which adds to the cool vibe of the place. While the bar setup is really cool, and it successfully merges bar with pizza spot, I find there's never enough people working to keep up with the popular demand. The pizzas are all realllllyyyyy delicious. I personally love the primavera and funghi pizzas - they're served on yummy thin bases and have lots of flavoursome toppings. This is the perfect spot for a group dinner before a night out on the town, as there are loads of cool drinking spots in the area. They also do an all-you-eat set menu for groups over 8 or something like that. Also try the sangria! I've also tried the pastas, which are also really yummy.

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