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Reviews of Main Street Medical And Dental Centre

  • The waiting time is over what you can call reasonable. After 2 and a half hours of waiting I had enough. Never again I will come and do nor recomend it anyone.
  • gxxxz 10 reviews
    The only decent staff are the receptionists. You'd be very lucky to get a doctor that speaks English and even luckier if they show moderate signs of interest or understanding. This place is fine if you know what's wrong with you and you just need a script.......... and have a few hours to spare.....however if it's anything serious AVOID.
  • If you are after a quick fix this is the place to go... If it is something serious avoid! Sat for two hours to see doc then to ultrasound only to be told they can't do it... Went elsewhere.
  • I have been here a few times and lost all hope in this place. The doctors are the rudest people you have ever come across.... and you feel so rushed.
    BUT - that is until I had DR Delany. The BEST doctor I have met! Super friendly, and does not rush you at ALL. I will not only see this doctor as he is the greatest!!!!
  • This is the worst medical centre I have come across. They boast about their long opening hours till 10pm. Yet every time I have went to see the doctor at 9pm the rude and arrogant worker doesn't allow me to see them because "they only have one doctor and they don't have time for another patient". So that must mean they don't close at 10pm, they stop people from seeing a doctor whenever they choose to.Never going to this place again.
  • Now with FREE SPAM.
    I've been there once. Never again. Now I am getting SPAM SMS. Seriously? What happened to being professional?
  • I have been before and staff & doctors were fine.On my last visit however the doctor I saw at no time told me their name and I just had to follow them in to the room and they just pointed to the chair. Whilst they went through the normal procedures they seemed aloof with little interaction and and at the end of the session just pushed a piece of paper in front of me to sign. I had had very little sleep in 3 days with coughing and weezing keeping me awake and was greeted with this attitude. Good luck to anyone seeing them if this is their normal manner.
  • staff were wonderful doctors great thanks all
  • the xray department is extremly unprofessional and the staff is very rude. will never go there again
    • I found the admin staff to be very helpful and supportive. The radiographer is dismissive and abrupt. My own worst experience at the clinic was definitely the doctor. As noted on other reviews the Dr concerned was rude, gave 5 minutes of his time to check both my wife and I and gave the impression Dr had much more important things to do then actually do the job. We went elsewhere. There are several Drs at the practice that are worth the waiting time, very thorough and reassuring. sadly as with most practices there are some Drs who ask you what you think it may be and the usual.
  • Skin Cancer Clinic has a VERY long wait, do not go here unless you have half a day for a 5 minute inspection from a very rude, unhelpful doctor.

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