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Reviews of Makizo Noodle & Rice

  • As good as it gets in terms of value for money for Japanese food, I eat here twice a week and it doesn't hurt my pocket. Service, environment and presentations is average, but its set up like a take away restaurant, so what do you expect. Come here for a regular meal or takeaway like you would from mcdonalds, don't expect classy presentation like an expensive $30-$50 a meal Jap restaurant but its food have good quality and give you more generous amounts than usual jap eat out. I recommend their karage chicken don and bulgogi don which all comes with miso soup at $10, for the money I would choose this over other similarly priced fast food and takeaway anyday.
  • Easternian Local Star 1,121 reviews
    I tried this place once simply because it was a new shop near my area and they serve Japanese / Korean fusion offerings. While the food is decently priced and is edible, I don't think it is something I would come back for more since the fusion somehow did not seem to hit the perfect mark. However, the courtyard seating area (which is what Pacific Square offers) makes it quite a new feel to consume Japanese (or Korean) (or a little bit of both, in this case) under the sun rather than inside a busy & packed indoor crowd you often experience at Japanese (or Korean) restaurants. Hope you are not con-fused.

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