Makoto Sushi Bar

Sydney, NSW
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Enjoy choosing your Japanese plates off the sushi train and be treated to friendly and professional service by the staff. The menu includes a range of authentic Japanese sushi delicacies such as salmon, oyster, scampi, teriyaki chicken, eel, prawn and many more. The plates vary in price but are reasonable and a-la-carte choices of sashimi, udon noodles, salads, soups and hot mains such as Wagyu Yakiniku Beef are also available. The restaurant is open everyday with lunch on weekdays closing at 2:30pm and reopening at 6pm.


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Reviews of Makoto Sushi Bar

  • Joanne Lee Phin Local Star 349 reviews
    Makoto is usually buzzing and for good reason. Known for their sushi train, the quality has always been great but it can add up and get pretty pricey. I walked past earlier in the week and noticed banners out the front for sushi bento boxes which looked great and promised myself I had to come back and try it. From memory, they had a few options available - salmon, teriyaki chicken or unagi (eel). I got the salmon one to take away and waited longer than expected, but for good reason. The lady who took my order was really lovely and told me that they threw in a complimentary miso soup as part of the new promotion.

    Opening the bento box when I got back to the office was a nice little surprise. Everything was immaculately presented. The bento came with perfectly rolled salmon rolls and nigiri, a japanese sweet omelette that was a perfect rectangle with a Makoto stamp, a fried wonton, edamame (soy) beans, salmon sashimi, wakame (seaweed) salad, a japanese mayo salad and some pickled ginger (not the crappy pink ginger either).

    Great addition to the menu, and I'd definitely come back to try the other takeaway bentos.
  • Jess_2014p Local Star 147 reviews
    Its hard to get a seat at Makato's sushi bar at lunch times, this place is so popular. The sushi is good quality, with an array of interesting variations, and the desserts looked divine!
  • Used to love going to Makoto, until they changed their dessert chef the last time I went there. I love my dessert, and I loved Makoto's green tea creme brulee (note the past tense!). Their green tea creme brulee no longer has that sugary golden crunch on the top, and the creme brulee itself tasted like you're eating solid cream. The receptionist confirmed to me that they did recently change their dessert chef.

    As for their sushi, it's pretty standard offering but always fresh. They don't dress up their sushi either like some other sushi joints with lashings of condiments.

    Come to Makoto if you want simple, fresh sushi and sashimi. Don't expect anything much more than that.

    TIP: always ask for fresh wasabi instead of that reconstituted stuff that comes in little green packets.

  • spraoi Foodie 62 reviews
    i have always wanted to try this restaurant but thought that it was probably too expensive. I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonably priced it was. Overall though it was just an average sushi experience from my perspective. There was nothing exceptional about it and I didn't find it any better than the chains of sushi restaurants that you find in shopping centres. However I do think they specialise in some particular dishes that I didn't try so I might return to try something less mainstream.
  • Easternian Local Star 865 reviews
    Makoto is probably one of the first sushi train restaurants established in Sydney that are still able to keep themselves occupied with customers coming in and out of their relatively moderate spaced shop. Even though they are not doing the flat-rate-per-plate pricing like some new sushi shops do, they seem to be doing very well.

    I have been visiting them twice for the past month and can really tell that although the overall price is more expensive than others, their food is actually of good quality. I had cold soba that was good for a starter, and had a homemade soba sauce, which was beautiful. Their made-to-order sushi hand rolls (which was $3.60 each when I visited) were very fresh, with my favourite being omelette with scallop hand roll as well as the ever-popular salmon avocado hand roll. Their salmon sashimi plates were also awesome, with five thick slices of fresh, high quality fish on each plate and are competitively priced.

    As well as the above, they sometimes have limited edition seafood items, such as steamed scallops on the shell covered with fukahire tobiko (soft golden glass noodle and fish roe).

    The servers are friendly and also attentive, which makes dining in this place one pleasing experience.
  • Very fresh sashimi, decent range of choices but a meal here can get quite expensive.
  • January Girl Local Star 108 reviews
    Makoto is my fave Japanese sushi place, second to none. I love the freshness of the ingredients, the general vibe, and the great deals they have available. At the moment they are running a takeaway special with eel, salmon etc choices. I love it and always feel like it is money well spent for quality Japanese food and service.
  • I have been to this place many times. Its my local sushi bar restaurant. The place is always buzzing with people, on the weekends (and weekdays often) there are people always lining up and waiting for a seat at the bar or a table. If that alone is not enough for you to consider the sushi train to be good, wait until you try the food. The fresh sushi, great service. I would say it is probably one of the best sushi trains/bars in Sydney.
  • Cath Chen Foodie 111 reviews
    To avoid a line, I suggest arriving either an hour before or after the peak lunch hour of 1pm. I came in at two and got a seat straight away. After having been to its other store in Chatswood, I was surprised to see that this store was smaller. The staff were perhaps even friendlier and more attentive than the Chatswood branch, and the variety of sushi on the conveyor belt was different.
    - Great service, I only had to turn my head slightly and make eye contact with someone and they came running to take my order.
    - Crisp, beautifully made hand rolls with a generous amount of fish roe.
    LOWS: One of the desserts, which I think was supposed to be a sort of crust-less green tea cheesecake. While I love green tea based desserts, the cream cheese slice was just too dry and difficult to swallow. I recommend you go for the green tea panna cotta.
    I'm a big fan of soft shell crab sushi rolls and ordered one. I think it was $5.60 or something similar for one large hand roll. It took a while, but when it came the presentation was great. Half a crab by the looks of it, however there was only that big chunk at the top and no more crab throughout the roll. This meant I couldn't dip it in soy, as the roll was so top heavy and the crab would have fallen into my soy bowl. And after consuming the crab on top, all you had left was rice, cucumber and lettuce which was just a little disappointing. I would have been willing to pay a little more for a bit more crab meat.

    But overall, the Makoto/Masuya chain has some of the best Japanese restaurants I've had in Sydney so far :)
  • SaritaJoan Foodie 73 reviews
    This place is worth the wait! I love the sushi here and it's great to check out the interesting selection on the train (though sometimes its easier to get a table and order). Yum!
  • Nice sushi at this sushi bar located near the heart of the city. It is quite easy to get to, this place can get quite busy due to location. The sushi variety is quite good, the decor is interesting not too typical. Good sushi, a recommendable place.

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