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Reviews of Mamak

  • The roti is the best ever. Don't even bother going anywhere else!! The chicken curry is also delicious as is their milk ginger tea. Could definitely eat here again and again! #reviewtowin
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  • Good, simple Malaysian food. Service is quick, staff are friendly enough. The Roti is great as is the Chicken curry and Mee Goreng.
  • I've Been Here Local Star 67 reviews
    I absolutely love this place for one reason, ROTI! it is made extremely well here and the dipping sauces have me addicted to this place.

    I have been going here on and off now for a very long time. they put a lot of effort into the presentation of most of their dishes and the flavour is consistenly excellent every time i have been.

    the main negative about this place is the fact it is so popular, you often will see people queued up out the front waiting for a table at night.

    another negative is that it isn't open all day!
  • Everything is just AMAZING. I highly recommend the deep fried chicken and the satay chicken in skewers. The food is cooked to perfection, and it is served QUICK. Never a disappointment.

    However, the tables are a bit small and I do feel a little bit constricted. It is not a surprise how busy they are, apart from that. The food is DEFINITELY worth the wait.
  • Nudie_foodie Local Star 58 reviews
    Very long queues here on any night of the week, so make sure you arrive early or be prepared to wait!
    The roti is very very yummy. I often order take-away, as its faster than waiting for a seat! you get a delicious trio of dipping sauces in the container. yummy yummy.
    I'm not that into malaysian food, so I don't have that much to compare the other meals to. Very very very quick service though once you're sat down. Lucky they have their own toilet off the restaurant which is a huge bonus, considering all the other restaurants on Eat Street (Railway St side of Chatswood Station) you have to use the shared facility.
  • mumsrite Local Star 233 reviews
    It was a let down. I had a relativeIy high expectation after reading positive reviews online.

    l ordered the onion roti which arrived with 2 curry dips on the side. What went wrong there first was the roti; it was not crisp but soggy, the curry dips were too thick and sickly sweet. Nothing like the roti from Malaysia at all.
    Now, the squid in sambal. The squid was cooked well but the sambal was horribly sweet. I can tell you that their Sambal sauce was sweeter than the bottled sauces!
    The vegetarian curry was no better. Never in my 40 years of South east Asian food tasting have l had a Malaysian Vegetarian curry with zucchini in it and a consistency of a Dahl. Even in this dish they could not omit the sugar!

    Will l go back to Mamak again? Maybe. Maybe not.

  • Bella.Blue Local Star 395 reviews
    This is your standard Malaysian fare in a good way! Just like on the streets of KL without the frills and fancy stuff. Lined up for less than 15minutes and got our meal in less than that. We were pretty impressed by the time it took for our entire meal to come out. Roti Canai was a hit, as was the Nasi Lemak and Lamb Curry. Seriously good food for under $20/person. It does get a bit crowded and with that comes noise, so don't go there for the ambience. But once you get your Mamak hit, you will seriously want to go back for more. Speaking of which...
  • Shailss Local Star 35 reviews
    Roti Canai .. the best thing on their menu . I simply love this place and recoomend this highly.
  • atan7 Local Star 1,301 reviews
    Try the satay and also the mee goreng! The taste is amazingly authentic and is probably the best in Sydney!
    Trust me... I'm Malaysian ;)
  • atan7 Local Star 1,301 reviews
    A plate of roti- Ayam fried chicken and some teh tarik.... heaven!

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