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Mamma Teresa Italian Restaurant

Kingsford, NSW
Open today - 5:00 pm - 12:00 am
Mon 5:00 pm - 12:00 am
Tue 12:00 am - 2:30 pm
Wed 5:00 pm - 12:00 am
Thu 5:00 pm - 12:00 am
Fri 5:00 pm - 12:00 am
Sat 5:00 pm - 12:00 am
Sun 5:00 pm - 12:00 am
Are you craving a taste of Italy? Mamma Teresa Italian Restaurant serves good old fashioned, home style cooking. Serving pizza and pasta dishes, all meals use fresh, flavoursome ingredients. Why not try the Super Special pizza full of ingredients such as ham, cabanossi, mushroom, capsicum, onion, prawns, anchovies, olives, garlic and pineapple. Meanwhile, you will feel like family with the friendly and efficient hospitality.




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Reviews of Mamma Teresa Italian Restaurant

  • The most incredible pizza, pasta choices, steak and fish always cook to perfection. Always good verity of specials and good service. I would recommend everyone!!!
  • Mamma Teresa Kingsford - appalling service! Ordered at 7:23pm Monday night. Was confirmed by restaurant at 7:34pm for delivery 8:33pm. 8:52pm called restaurant asking where our food was, employee responded with "we got the login late from menulog it will be there soon" - I proceeded to check our confirmation time which was 7:34pm. Called back infuriated to have just been lied to on top of ridiculously late food and was rushed off the phone. Food did not arrive till 9:08pm. 1 hour and 40 mins. A complete joke.
  • had to wait over an hr to get two large pizzas delivered which is ok as its busy coz of fathers day but the pizzas came they were cold so we had to heat up in oven. pretty poor and tasteless
  • physiegirl Foodie 86 reviews
    I had an early dinner here with 2 friends and we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals. I was a little hesitant in going there as I'd heard horror stories from friends, but was pleasantly surprised. The decor appeared to have been updated since I was last there 12 months ago, and our waiter was attentive without being overbearing.

    I had the spaghetti gamberi which was delicious, as was the garlic bread. Overall we were happy with the service and the food and I wouldn't hesitate going back to try it again.
  • I went with a group of 12 for Thur lunch. NOT a busy time and we had booked in advance. When we arrived we were the only customers. It took 35 mins for the wait staff to take our orders and another 30 mins plus for the food to start arriving. One member of the party was forgotten all together. The wait staff retook her order. After 10 mins she went to see what was happening; her veal had just been put in the pan. Considering preparation time for the simple meal it was, they must have been out killing the fatted calf or thawing out the meat. I doubt if any of us will be going back there.
  • Easternian Local Star 1,121 reviews
    I cannot agree more than previous reviewers. This place seems to have lost its gem during renovation. The pizzas, no matter what kind, were nothing but salty. The pricing points were also a little bit too high when compared to other restaurants nearby.

    The only thing worthy of stars in this restaurant was the one middle-aged italian male server who were very attentive towards everyone, including our big table of 10.

    Luckily, there's this store a throw-stone away so we could grab some soft cones to wash out all the salty aftertaste.
  • They didn't even ask if I wanted the plate to be Entree size or Main, they just decided to bring me main. They forgot to tell me the plate was HOT, therefore i burned my fingers. I hate it when staff come to you straight away to take your order even if you've just entered, it's so stupid. Before this restaurant used to be my favourite, now it's my worst. I feel sorry for them.
  • I am anxiously waiting for this restaurant to reopen.
    The service and the food is the best you will find in the local area.
    I have tried a couple of local Italian restaurants and nothing compares to Mamma Teresa for food and service.
    • Newly renovated with different owners. The food was rather salty - overall quite average - service was good.
      However, the garlic bread is SUPER SUPER RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE I.E. $4.50 for half a bread roll each (not even nice Italian bread roll).
    • yes i was disappointed when it finally opened. The service was shocking they apologised for the delay due to computer problems but later when we asked has the computer been fixed they said there was nothing wrong with the computer.
      yes the food was salty and the bread expensive.
      i definately wont be back

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