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  • Tasha97 Newbie   1 review
    Arrived at 7pm and was told that 3 doctors had left ealy and 2 doctors to see 40 patients that had already to be seen. We were advised that we probably wont be seen at all and to go to a hospital if urgent. After struggling to go there in the first place due to the flu now I have to wait until tomorrow to be seen.
  • AMG95   4 reviews
    While it is true that there seems to be a lack of organisation it is still a decent place. I didn't have to wait to long but I can easily imagine situations where you would have to. My doctor did his job marvellously, which is all I wanted and needed at the end of the day. The staff at the desk were lovely; short, simple but not rude. I noticed they have nurses and people who specialise in pathology. Handy thing to keep in mind.

    2 months ago - 05/08/2014

  • tylerdurden Newbie   1 review
    Clearly there is no managerial team over looking this public domain, it is being totally neglected. It seems they have very little if any staff training for their receptionists. Ive been going to the domain for years and without fail the receptionist are always trying to avoid serving customers. They let the line build up when they could just sit down and smash through the line up. Then in between serving customers they ALL answer phone calls. If they could work out that having some of them tend to physical customers and some of the phone, the line wouldn't build up and patients would be happier.

    In conclusion, avoid this place at any means necessary.

    9 months ago - 13/01/2014

  • alby10 Newbie   1 review
    I went there this a.m. just after 9 to see a gp. registered at the desk, sat down and waited my turn for any gp. More than 2 hours later I noticed that people who arrived after me were being seen. So I go to the counter and ask nicely if my file had been misplaced. Reception staff checked and told me my name had already been called. Not likely.
    Anway when you go to dominos pizza you can look at the screen and see how your order is stacked in the que.
    It would seem to me that this medical centre could get the software off dominoes and take the heat off the patients, the poor counter staff, and assist the doctors to keep everything ticking over nicely, every body could see just what is going on and how long the estimated wait time is.
    I hope I never have to visit this joint again, just saying.........

    9 months ago - 07/01/2014

  • lucy.d90   20 reviews
    Everyone is bagging the wait times and the staff...
    1. If you want more staff and shorter wait time, speak with your local member and let them know you'd be happy to have your taxes raised to fund it. Put yourself in the staff's shoes. It's not their fault! They are FLAT OUT all day every day. There's a line up at the counter, there's usually 5-10 phone lines ringing (just look at their switchboard when you get to the front) and they're trying to prioritise patients when there's probably 10+ patients in there who all need to be seen asap.
    2. It's a FREE, no appointment clinic... of course you're going to have to wait! I understand that a lot of people can't afford the $30-50 to go to another clinic, but be grateful that we have this service in Australia. Many countries don't; you pay the full fee ($100+) to see a doctor, or you don't see one.

    11 months ago - 16/11/2013

  • TheMiddleIngredient Local Star   663 reviews
    i think this centre serves its purpose of being multifunctional. there is a lot at this centre including the chemist. I dont think this doctor surgery/clinic should be relied up pon for all your appointments - but it certainly is great in the case of, i cant get an appointment any where and dont want to go to the hospital. YES the wait can sometimes be a long time, however this is the case in a lot of places.
  • big red dog Newbie   1 review
    I am so over the marion domain. I was there yesterday from 2.30pm and didnt get seen till 6.30pm. There is no one else in the surrounding area that will take new patients so you're at the mercy of this one place. Every time we have been there is a massive wait and no urgency at all. Wish they would either put on more staff or have a better system. Wish there were better doctors in the western suburbs. So annoyed.
  • chiaroscuro Newbie   1 review
    Lets be realistic this is a bulk billing first come first serve clinic. So if you are sick of having to wait a week to get an appointment with doctors in other local surgeries this may be the best option. Bulk billing means that it is popular, therefore long waits, and also that you will be rubbing shoulders with people from all walks of life except , probably those in the upper social economic groups; My advice is to find a doctor here that you trust and is good, because they are not all equal. Then you can ask to see that doctor specifically, each time you visit. If waits are long you can always go away and come back without losing your place in the queue. So the criticism on waits is really not fair. I now regularly see what I consider the best doctor I have ever had. He listens and does not rush , Although, given how popular he is, does not always remember what has been happening for me specifically. The receptions staff .range in their attitudes from really lovely to down right rude. But I can live with this as long as they do their job.
  • Suzi Wyld Newbie   2 reviews
    the service here was great and the doctor was so kind and helpful
  • Dustinmorris Newbie   1 review
    Today I went to the center for an appointment 2 hours before closing time. I got told that the doctors were no longer taking any more patients. I counted the patients already seated and waiting. There was 4.
    The staff member at the counter was extremely and unnecessarily rude. Before the conversation of 3 sentences was even complete the staff member intentionally waved me off and returned to reading a book. Absolutely appalling service, not impressed.

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