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Reviews of Marsh Outdoor Living Centres

  • Don't use them had warranty issues with doors, gutters, rusting parts not painted and had to hassle them to attend to issues. Check all parts as many are as cheap as possible not very secure and use the cheapest means to secure the sliding doors.
    They may be one of the cheapest around but not worth the hassles.
  • Dont use them. Fabulous until they have your money, but as soon as your contract is signed & deposit paid the trouble begins. They sent a newbie installer on their own who stuffed up a lot, we had to advise them & rectify their mistakes each day after they left, having only done a few hours week. Like pulling teeth. The days they were unsupervised, we are still paying for some time later with problems emerging post build that they have refused to rectify despite may communications, each time you recontact them its like its all new to them - placatory or denying. Whenever we walk into our shed we grit our teeth, action likely to soon be commenced.
  • Kikininja Local Star 277 reviews
    All Talk, after the contract is signed don't expect any calls back, service or action, just expect to be stuffed around. They took out more deposit from my credit card than agreed to in writing. Buyer beware - use another company.
  • Great to deal with until contract signed . Then continued to deny conversations and job requirements and substituted product and varied contract without authorization. Buyer beware. Warning. Use someone else.

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