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Mascot Valet Parking

Mascot, NSW
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  • ABN 86 063 521 513
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Reviews of Mascot Valet Parking

  • Dishonest operators. When we returned to collect our car, the car had been damaged on the premises. Three months after we had lodged a claim with our insurer, the business owner still had not admitted liability, despite assurances on the day we collected the car that they would do the right thing by us. We ended up having to pay the $800 excess and losing our no claim bonus just so we could take our car home after the repairs were completed. Our every contact with the business was rude and unsatisfactory, and we certainly were not at fault in this situation. We would never, ever deal with this business or any of their associates again.
  • My car was written off in the care of these people. Using their service has cost me thousands.
    On Friday, 2nd May, 2015 I left my car in the care of Mascot Valet Parking for a period of 30 hours while I flew to Queensland and back to scatter a friends ashes. When I arrived back at the valet parking late on Saturday night they told me my car was not driveable because a tree had fallen on it and they were right. They had left my car parked in a neighbouring lot under a tree during the Sydney storms. Max the owner gave me a card, a copy of the details of his insurance broker, called me a cab and told me to keep the receipt because his insurance would cover everything.
    Mascot Valet and their insurance covered nothing. I paid for my parking, my $75.00 cab fare home, my excess and as my car held a lot more worth to me than the insurance company, I then had to spend additional thousands of dollars replacing the car. I was without a vehicle for a month while we did battle with insurance companies and looked for a new car. Previously, my husband and I recommended their services to anyone we knew heading out to the airport. Max described us as good customers. We will not be using their services again.
  • Will never use again. On pick up called and staff snapped at me for calling when I was 30 seconds from pick up point. Got to shop and guess what car not ready or valeted.
    I told them just to give me my car and refund the valet and they made someting up about it being vacumed and will only be 5 minutes. Anything to get out of a refund. They never knew where car was as they had made a mistake on the return date meanwhile my two kids are tired and just wanting to get home. It was a full 30 minutes from when the shuttle dropped us off until we got into car and valet was a joke. We had to walk a block to the car and when I saw it I could not believe what was in front of me. They had ran a geurney over the car and said it was valeted. I told them I was not paying $55 for that as it was filthy inside and out. They then said didnt they give you a refund? Knowing fine well they were trying to rip me off and hope i drive away.I went back to the shop and got my $55 back. Never I repeat never again. Do not use these people whatever you do as you will be disaapointed.
  • Very happy with our experience. Upon drop off of our vehicle they unloaded our luggage into their pick up van, swiftly and by the time I paid and went to the toilet I was in the pick up and off to the airport with my husband and 3 small children. Delivered us there withtin 10 mins of arriving. Driviing to airport took minutes, at the door drop off at T2. When coming back from airport, we called them and they we already coming down the road of the terminal, this was at 8pm. My kids were tired and grumpy, we waitied outside in the dark for less than 4 mins before going back to Mascot Valet where our car was waiting. The guy again unloaded our luggage into our car while we put the kids in. Next day inspected our car in daylight and there was no damage to our luxury vehicle. So cannot say enough good things about them and will definitely use them again and again in the future. Obviously they took great care and their price was hard to beat in this city.
  • Very unhappy....we chose the valet option had to wait a while for the car to be brought to the Airport and when we got it back there was BIRD S..T ALL OVER THE DRIVERS SIDE DOOR DISGUSTING!!! No good reason except they were lazy not to mention unprofessional. Will never use their service again
  • WOW - I was dropped off at Domestic on my way to a funeral only to discover I left my suit in my car, I rang so that I could go back and pick it up. They said we will deliver it if you wait outside where we dropped you off, they made a special trip.- SERVICE AWESOME -= great value - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • To the staff at Mascot Valet you guys are awesome! the way you treated my disabled grandfather was not expected at all your driver and staff went beyond what they had or expected to make our stay as easy as possible, our car was sparkling clean on our return your service truly is AAA+++ I will recommend you to everyone that I know.
  • After buying two vouchers for parking I spent four months trying to get them to book me in, both via phone and by email, and to confirm my booking, to no avail. I usually catch the train to the airport, but booked a night return flight as I had parking, but since they never confirmed it, I had to fork out another $95 to pay for parking elsewhere. My advice would be ...don't ever go near them. It is not worth the frustration.
    • Its a shame you never got to experience there service they truly were fantastic!
  • My favourite car wash and parking combined these guys are awesome!
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