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Massey Chiropractor Dee Why - Family Chiropractor Northern Beaches Sydney

Massey Family Chiropractor Dee Why, Northern Beaches of Sydney, can treat you for: 

* Back conditions 
* Headache / Migraine 
* Neck & Shoulder tension 
* Sporting injuries & Prevention 
* Menstrual problems 
* Pelvic & back pain during pregnancy 
* Work place assessments 
* Scoliosis 
* Emotional Health 

We also provide care for conditions which may relate to Spinal misalignment: 

* Asthma 
* Immune System Problems 
* Fatigue 
* Visual/Balance problems 
* Colic in children 
* Learning disorders 

Dr Steven Massey is the owner and principle chiropractor at the Massey Family Chiropractic Centre. 

Steven Massey (Bsc Anatomy (NSW) M. Chiro) has over 24 years of experience in the chiropractic and natural health field and has owned and run his own practice in Dee Why for 20 years. He was mentored by Dr. Malcolm Heningham (former chiropractor of the year) and continued and developed the practice to this day. 

Steven has a wide scope of practice having success with a wide variety of conditions. Apart from the obvious back pain, neck pain and headaches he particularly enjoys working with families to help improve their general wellbeing. He has a special interest in how spinal alignment problems can reduce the bodies immune system leading to an increased susceptibility to illness. 

Steven's patients range from babies to the elderly. Philosophically Steven prides himself in tailoring chiropractic techniques to suit the individual providing gentle, safe and effective treatment. Steven is married and has 3 sons that keep him very busy outside of work.

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  • marcv100 Newbie   1 review
    I have been going to Steve for the past 5 weeks to help with a lower disk issue that impacting me severely. My back problem became so bad that both my legs went numb. Steve took a holistic approach to my back problems, and has made a significant difference with a sustained and ongoing treatment programme. Although my back issues won't directly go away, I can thoroughly recommend Steve for anyone who is suffering back issues!

    1 month ago - 08/03/2014

  • LouiseAnnW Newbie   1 review
    The best two Chiropractors in Sydney.

    If you have any back problems they will definitely be able to help you. I have referred more than 20 friends over the years to Stephen & Terry they are a god send. I have been seeing Chiropractors for 30 years. I am hyper-mobile in the ligaments of my spine, I also have spina bifida occulta L6 being an extra vertebrae that isnt fused, scoliosis and I have an old compression injury to my neck and right rib cage, all of this means that the position of the majority of my vertebrae and ribs are out all the time.

    I have been seeing Steven since I moved to Australia back in 2002, his experience is second to none in the Chiropractic world. I have a very difficult neck to put back into position, but he has such accuracy and speed with his manipulations, that he is able to realign my neck when others might fail.

    I have also been seeing the lovely Terri for many years. She is very devoted to her patients and is providing an excellent service. She calls me her worst patient as I usually turn up each week like a crash test dummy !!! with a multitude of faults that are never the same combination. She has a real work out trying to put me back together, in which she succeeds.

    Terri also provides an additional service call NET (Neuro Emotional Therapy), which helps you get into the stored memories in the muscles of your body. Sometimes we are carrying emotional memories in the muscles, which can cause that part of the body to be tight and unrelentingly hanging on. I have done quite a lot of work at also clearing any stored emotions, in order to ensure that my muscles are as free from holding on as possible.

    An example of this would be a stiff shoulder, whilst you might get temporary relief from Chiropractic the problem keeps coming back because the muscle is tight and has a memory contained within it that is making it tighten up. When guided through the NET process, Terri will help you access the stored memory and get you to release it, so the muscle can relax and no longer needs to be tight. This can significantly reduce the amount of manipulations you need after treatment.

    I would highly recommend Stephen and Terri to anyone; they are a great pair of Chiropractors that complement each others skill sets. They are greatly supporting the community and allowing me to be able to work, for without them, I would never be mobile with my multitude of conditions.

    10 months ago - 13/06/2013

  • gwyther21 Newbie   1 review
    Top Marks. I have been a patient of Steven's for over 15 years , from initial consult due to back injury (slipped disc), through to preventative measures against future issues. As a mark of his professionalism and qualifications I know that he attends lectures twice yearly, gets invited to lecture both here in Australia and Internationally.
    As a mark of his personality, he is "one of the good guys" who will attend out of hours (if urgent) or enquire about the welfare of his patients after hours if the need arises.
    Thanks Steven.

    10 months ago - 09/06/2013

  • gregtwem Newbie   1 review
    I was referred to Steve Massey by a work colleague about 5 years ago after I had a very sudden and completely unexpected intense back pain. Steve's treatment of my condition was first rate from the initial consultation. He was careful and very diligent in his research which included x-rays. Back then Steve got me pain-free very quickly, certainly within a couple of weeks. Since then I have been a regular client of Steve including today and I would not hesitate to recommend him highly. He has always been very thorough, prepared to spend whatever time is needed and thanks to Steve I only require an occasional adjustment in his very capable hands. I am a very satisfied and loyal client and am sure you will have the same experience.

    10 months ago - 08/06/2013

  • Blueyscott Newbie   1 review
    If you need a great Chiro, Steve is your man. I have been a patient for over 20 years which might sound like he is not doing his job, but for those in the know, Chiropratic care is ongoing & not just for when you are really broken & can't move! Steve is incredibly thorough & with a combination of techniques will have you back on your feet sooner than you think possible!
    Truthfully, I have tried other chiro's closer to home but have always come back! So whether you live on the northern beaches or further afield it is worth the trip because not all Chiropractors have the natural intuition & care that Steve gives every patient. Your body will love you for it!
    K McG
  • VM Avalon Newbie   1 review
    I previously suffered constant headaches. Treatment by Steven has resulted in a dramatic improvement. I have every faith in Steven's skill and experience. He has successfully treated two other members of my family as well.
  • CristieH Newbie   1 review
    I've been treated by Steven Massey for over 3 years. Previously I had never received any chiropractic treatment and really didn't understand it at all. Steven explains everything in such an easy to understand manner and you think "oh that totally makes sense! of course that is connected to this!" Since then my husband and three children have also started treatment with Steven and we are all on a regular maintenance program.

    Whenever anybody complains about sore this or sore that I can't help telling them about Massey Family Chiropractic and recommending that they give Steven and Terri a call!
  • Brad Brookvale   2 reviews
    I have been seeing Steven Massey for 3 months now and he has solved my sciatic pain and put a curve back in my back (it was pretty much flat before he started). Am now on a maintenance plan. He's been great at getting me back in working order after too many years at the desk with no exercise.

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