Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Sydney, NSW
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Reviews of Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

  • This location is smaller so there's less places to sit. But if you're in the middle of the city and are craving the Belgium waffles with a side of fruit and a salted caramel milkshake, then this will hit the spot. It's great for when my wife is shopping and I need a place to chill. Pricey, sure, but that's Max Brenner for you.
  • It's expensive but really good. If you're a chocolate fan you should visit!
  • jojostuff Local Star 350 reviews
    Okay so I used to love the Max Brenner frappes, but recently, it's been disappointing. My dark choc mocha frappe tasted more like chocolate powder with coarsely blended ice. So not worth $7.60!