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Reviews of Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

  • This is truly a place that 'Chocoholics Anonymous' should definitely avoid! From whatever angle you look at this, it's all chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! To the left of the entry, we found 2 large tubs churning chocolate and it almost felt like we've entered the world of Willy Wonka. The store atmosphere is very warm and welcoming and it's probably the dark browns of the chocolate themed interior design.

    The staff serving us at the counter was really friendly and upbeat. Due to our large group (9 in total), taking our order must have been painful as there were ums-and-ahs before we made our picked our desired item from the extensive menu. Nevertheless, the team member never flinched and patiently took our orders. Each one of us must have changed our minds at least once - such was the offering on the menu. We had to join 3 tables together and this was easy enough, but this was late evening and there number of other patrons were sparse.

    Our orders came quite soon and greeted with Ooohs and Aaahs. Once we chomped into our chocolate and strawberry fondues, took our chocolate shots and gulped down our chocolate inspired cappuccinos (served in a kangaroo cup!), we felt truly satisfied and sick (in a good way). Oh well, off to the gym to burn off those calories. Must visit again!
  • The chocolate is really amazing, like any Max Brenner! This one is only a less atmospheric place.
  • I've been here and it is irresistible! I now come every week!
  • Max Brenner makes some of the best desserts and drinks I've had. The waffles and vanilla chai are my favourites. Not only is the food great, but the staff are friendly too
  • Great quality chocolate as with all the Max Brenners! I particularly love ordering strawberries with chocolate. The location at Bondi Junction leaves a lot to be desired, with absolutely no view. The service was also a little inexperienced.
  • Chocolate lovers heaven! You can eat it or drink it!! I take my kids here for a treat every now and then and they love it. Apart from the delicious waffles and chocolate dipped fruit, they also have fabulous hot and cold drinks. I tried the coconut hot chocolate the other day and I can honestly say it was amazing! OK, so the staff aren't big on personality, but the chocolate makes up for it!!
  • If you are ever going with friends and don't feel like ordering a lot of chocolate (for reasons that shall remain nameless!) then try the to-die-for pink granita. It's a passionfruit and strawberry drink that tastes like freshly squeezed strawberries! It is the most amazing thing I have ever had at max brenner!
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