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  • Easternian Local Star   853 reviews
    After my last uninteresting experience with this shop, I have always frequent this place by myself prior to busy lunch time before 12:30pm to avoid the incredibly long queue and further wait for your order in a crowded space while focusing on the staff to shout your order number as his/her voice was subdued by the unpleasantly loud top-40 music.

    I do have to admit that their food is of authentic Malaysian quality and the self-serve garnish & condiments area makes it as closest as original experience. I do find the price to be a little more on the higher end of the spectrum compared to other shops offering similar food in the area.

    One thing that I never like about the place throughout my visits is the counter that is half occupied by stuff, making it look really untidy. To make things worse, they stick a handwritten lost properties right underneath their menu off the ceiling, advertising grocery items and employee card that no one seems to claim for at least more than 3 weeks. It really makes things look far less professional.
  • atan7 Local Star   1,039 reviews
    I really love eating here and this place seems to be the main attraction in the food court. The laksa is unique as is more like curry noodles, but a favourite of mine which is not often sold in Australian food outlets is Assam laksa which is a tangy, sourish noodle soup dish, made from sardines and served with pineapple and onions. I know it sounds strange, but it is delicious and reminds me of my mum's cooking.
    Food sells out quickly here and they have limited quantities of every dish. Come before 12 to beat the lunch time crowds!
  • Easternian Local Star   853 reviews
    This place used to be really awesome with their affordable, freshly-cooked Malaysian cuisine served quickly. However, they cant seem to keep up with the crowd.

    Me and my colleagues went there for lunch. After 10 minutes from ordering, they called us and told us that they ran out of all kinds of chicken (steamed, curry). They didn't give us the option of refunding the money, so my friends had to settle with beef rendang despite one of them doesn't eat spicy food. We ended up getting the exact same dishes despite my friend paying more for chicken. Practically they have gotten so busy, they hardly have time to clean the tables and stock the cutlery.

    Don't get me wrong, the food is nice, and I will be coming back. But I will surely not take any of my friends again, especially during peak-hour lunch break.

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