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  • Joanne Lee Phin Local Star   346 reviews
    It's been over a year since my last review here and I have to admit I still enjoy their green curry. It's not the most authentic but it's definitely comfort food. I love that takeaway dishes come really quickly. I called to order and was asked to pick it up in 5 minutes. How's that for Thai fast food?

    3 months ago - 15/01/2015

  • bradlyloco Local Star   184 reviews
    I love that I can place an order over the phone, and go pick it up 10 minutes later. Super fast service.
  • Joanne Lee Phin Local Star   346 reviews
    1 year on and the garlic pepper noodles are just as good. Rock on.
  • Paulos101 Foodie   92 reviews
    love my thai food and i have to say this is a pretty standout restaurant i have had both the pad se eww and the pad thai here and loved them both
  • Joanne Lee Phin Local Star   346 reviews
    Great spot for a quick and cheap meal. If you call up and order takeaway, the order is usually ready within 10 minutes. It's naughty, but I like the red and green curries as well as the garlic pepper noodles.
    • ShaeShae Local Star 
      Naughty food always tastes so much better hey! I love the Pad See Ew here too.


  • Kiwi69   16 reviews
    Having a colleague addicted to this place I have found myself regularly eating here, once or twice a week... their staff are friendly, and eager to please and the thing that separates this hidden gem from other Thai I have had is the combination of cheap prices, ample portion sizes and the flavor is to die for. I went to Thailand for my honeymoon years ago now and Thai just wasn't the same, until I started going to MD Thai
  • bradlyloco Local Star   184 reviews
    It's bizzare how the mind just filters out certain places even though you might walk past 100's of times over the years. MD Thai is one of those places for me. However, I recently had lunch there and had a fast, tasty & cheap Thai meal that I enjoyed.

    There's nothing gourmet about this place - but, that's no shame. What they do, they do well. Very standard Australian/Thai fare (fish cakes, sticky rice, Thai salads, noodles, etc, etc). The ordering process is very "cute" as you're handed itty bitty bits of paper, with itty bitty tiny pencils to tick the dishes you'd like before handing back to attentive staff.

    The decor and surroundings are a little odd. It feels a bit like a cross between an Australian hotel pub restaurant & a Thai restaurant. It's immaculately clean, comfortable, air conditioned, and can accommodate single/couples or large group dining. It does feel a bit odd though. You'll see what I mean when you try it - but, certainly nothing that would stop you from going.

    If you're like me and walked past without giving them a try - do check MD Thai out.
    • Cee Zee Foodie 
      Have to agree this place is a good find. I work acros the road and its a good option when you want something quick and easy without waiting. They do a decent pad se ew with vegies. I have had it 3 times this week because it is so convenient.


  • AM_hb   13 reviews
    I love MD THAI the food is amazing and the girls and I in the office just crave for the food at Md Thai! the people are great the food is so nice tasty and the servings are big! its just to die for thai food!
  • AnastasiaK   14 reviews
    Ive been to Thailand twice and eat and cook thai on a regular basis and this is by far the BEST green curry chicken ive every had!!
    Out of this world- thank God its walking distance to my office i will be eating here alot!
    Food was ready in 5 mins and wasnt expensive either!
    its a must!
  • barbrasdad Foodie   28 reviews
    If a colleague hadn't dragged me here I would have never known about this place. And what a revelation! Great food, cheap, fast and about 3 minutes from my office. Chicken pad see ew is a winner.


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