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Reviews of Meadow Springs Fish Chips & Take-Away

  • Wouldn't take my enemies here, I ordered a pizza an they told me they don't start pizzas till 5.20 an at the time it was 3. They said I can get the pizza delivered but they can't deliver my chips, kinda defeats the purpose of getting it delivered in the first place. Seriously switch on you plebs an go deep fry a nard an it that.
  • Back in the day $3 worth of chips would feed a family of 4 woth some leftover. ...the small pathetic takeaway box we received from this place had us bewildered. Such a measly amount will not have us returning again.
  • muka 25 reviews
    If I want fish and chips I drive right past this establishment, even though they are only 2 minutes away. Chips are way below par for a seaside town replete with fisho's, and the fish isn't much better. It is worth the extra petrol to go to other take away shops on the terrace. The staff try their best, though.
    • Couldn't agree more nothing is good about that place... If you look closely you can see the dirt everywhere

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