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Medical & Dental Centre Blunder Road Oxley

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Oxley, QLD
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Reviews of Medical & Dental Centre Blunder Road Oxley

  • After receiving a few text messages over the Christmas period (2015) advertising their operating hours even during the holidays, I was disappointed to be turned away over 1 hour and 15 minutes before their advertised closing, because they did not have enough doctors on duty. Other visits incurred long waits.
  • Great medical centre, bulk billing and with a good range of doctors. Whilst you can't make appointments, you rarely have to wait for long to be seen by the first available doctor.

    There are some excellent doctors at this practice, however the best doctor I've ever seen is easily Doctor Rainer Dressler. He is professional, caring, thinks outside the box and offers real solutions. He takes the time to properly diagnose by understanding the full symptoms. He never treats you as just another number. I highly recommend him.

    Another fantastic staff member is Sue on reception, she's absolutely lovely, professional and kind. She is so approachable and incredibly efficient.
  • Can be very very long waiting times >2hrs, the reception staff for radiology is absolutely hopeless. Brief summary my experience - Make appointment for my son's ultrsound for his stomach, 2 day wait, go to appointment but I didn't realise I had to take my referral as you need your referral to make an appointment to begin with:
    reception staff: "You need your referral or your son can't get an ultrasound" Me "Is there any way around this, as my son has been fasting all morning (time 12:40)", reception staff: "No, go home, get it and we can fit you in", Me "Ok" so we walk back to the car then I think, hang on what time can they fit us in as my young son is famished, so I go back to ask that, reception staff: "well we are fully booked today", Hang on, you just told me to go home and come back with my son who hasn't eaten all day. Me "Excuse me!!", reception staff: "Or you can go to the other counter who can get your referral printed out"....why didn't you tell me this first, we almost went home GGGRRRRRRR I felt! all the time the reception staff had a dismissive persona. Ok, ultrasound done, but wait, there is a 4-6 hour wait as the doctors there can't interpret ultrasound images, they have to send it to another doctor who then sends it back - I do not recommend this clinic
  • I use this medical center all the time and its fantastic sometimes the wait can be long but most times they have around 8 doctors on so you get seen fairly quick and I would like to say the receptionists are pretty good most days
  • A horrible experience every time. No logic in the order patients are seen. And when questioned at reception, they play ignorant.
    The doctors are great, but the process is horrendous
  • I've been to this place a few times, the old receptionist is very nice and helpful, however whenever I have to deal with the other receptionist, it's a pain..
    Always really rude without no exception, and whatever situation you encounter, this person is busy brushing you off. I know it's a free medical centre and you can't expect a great service, but there will be still a queue of nice people out there who'd want the job and ready to give some decent service. I don't know why the medical centre ruins their image by a person who's not really suitable to represent the centre.
  • I visited this medical centre today for the first time and could not find a single fault with it. Sue was manning reception on her own, she had a welcoming smile on her face and was very efficient processing my information. As soon as I sat down my doctor called for me, the wait was only a couple of minutes. Apparently the rude & unhelpful receptionist has left the building!
  • Free healthcare - a great Australian governmental promise fulfilled. You can't make an appointment, but if you choose your visit time carefully, waits are neglible. I went at 0700 and was in to the consulting doctor within minutes. I went at lunch time and waiting 90 minutes. The doctors are patient, good communicators, and helpful. No problems at all. The onsite diagnostic clinic was great, too.
  • Possibly the worst medical centre i Brisbane. From rude and unhelpful receptionists, wait times of hours while people who walked in after you get seen first. Doctors who seem to just want to get you out the door as soon as possible. Try other medical centre, if you want quality professional service from doctors who care about your needs and will go out of their way to help.
  • I am a Director (owner) of 2 companies I have seen few bad reports about this medical centre,first i must comment that this Medical Centre runs like a Swiss machine,second the responsibility on some parents,who let they children jump around,and annoy old people,i have seen few Doctors and would be unfair to compare even i said to one of them that is precisely how should the medical centres be run i was so happy that is 2 years ago,we all still go there.Keep the good Work Oxley Medical and Happy and prosperous New Year.
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