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Hornsby, NSW
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Reviews of Metro Wide Appliances

  • I've been dealing with Metro Wide Appliances for 40 years never any problems, good service and always a very fair price. I went ahead and dropped my Sunbeam Caf Series Fryer in for repair. A bit over a week later all fixed and working well, cost of repair $20. Small wiring issue, no way can you get better than that, good people to deal with.
  • Very good service. Fixed our Sunbeam Cafe Series. Didn't charge us when the fault was in how we were operating it and it didn't need fixing. Nice people.
  • I contacted metro wide appliances just before Xmas as my bread machine pan needed replacing and they were very friendly and courteous over the phone. I was told it would take about 2 weeks and sure enough 2 weeks into the new year they sent me a text saying it had arrived. I was very happy with their efficiency and have now dropped off my coffee machine for a free quote.
  • I dropped off my oven mid July, I was told that it would take 1 to 2 weeks to repair. I asked them to let me know how much it would cost when they knew. Mid August, no phone call, no estimate, haven't heard from them at all. I rang today and they told me that the part would cost $6, and $68 in labour and taxes. I'll be heading over to collect my oven from them ASAP. $74 to replace a spring on an oven door?

    Never doing business with these morons ever again.
  • I do not know what these other people are talking about. I had a vintage Sunbeam mixmaster fixed about a year ago, an electric fan assessed as to whether it was worthy of repair (free of charge) and at present am having my Nilfisk vacuum cleaner repaired by Metro Wide Appliances at Hornsby. I have never had any problem with Metro Wide Appliances and in fact it was through a reccommendation from a friend that got me to go there in the first place. I found Metro Wide Appliances to be courteous, reliable and very reasonably priced.
  • Unfortunately the other feedback was right. Very unhelpful on the phone. Has no idea what respecting their customers would mean. Really needed help but they are so unhelpful I couldn't even arrange it.
  • Rudest and most arrogant customer service over the phone that I have ever experienced. Didn't show up when they said they would, and then blamed me for not being home when they did turn up. Unbelievable attitude when trying to find out when I could expect them.
  • Absolutely Unreliable! After 4 failed appointments with this company, they only called me once to say they couldn't come. The other three times I had to call them and find out why they hadn't turned up. Sometimes taking up to half an hour to actually get in contact with them because they weren't even at their office let alone at the booking for fixing my dishwasher. Absolutely disgraceful the way they thought they could keep on saying maybe they'll fix it tomorrow and never turn up. After 4 failed appointments, I'm going somewhere else! Wish I had never wasted my time with them after the first time they left me waiting for half an hour. I am too soft and kept giving second chances, never again!

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