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Reviews of Mezzapica Cafe

  • Bitter unimpressive 'Tobys estate' coffee not made properly. Arrogant, bordering on pathetically aggressive staff. Not enjoyable. Never again.
  • The place advertises itself to offer Italian coffee. Well, they certainly have a case here, the coffee is amazing and you can smell it from the front door. The furniture is comfortable, accompanied by nice decorations o finish the cozy ambiance.
  • mumsrite Local Star 233 reviews
    I have never not enjoyed a lunch or coffee at Mezzapica Cafe.

    My risotto always turns out perfectly cooked, sandwich made with fresh ingredients and coffee with the right richness.

    Really, lunch is always an enjoyable event here.
  • mumsrite Local Star 233 reviews
    The beauty of this cafe is you can enjoy the great Italian coffees here with your lunch and hop next door for the best cannoli in Sydney to devour at your table!
    People over there are friendly and the food is simply delicious whether you're having a sandwich, pasta or risotto - they're always GOOD!
    Thumbs up!

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