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Reviews of Mg's For Men Castle Towers

  • I've been a regular at MG's ever since i moved to the area 4-5 years ago, never once had I left disappointed with the haircut provided, until this very last visit.

    Staff turnover is the norm. in any business and one can't expect their favourite person to stay at one place forever; so when i called to make a reservation over the phone and was told my favourite barber no longer works there, no big deal! I had trust in MG's to have skilful replacements ready to GO! (as they have changed a few times over the last few years).

    Unfortunately this is where it all goes bad, it seems that all their experienced staff have left (i recognised no one), replaced with (in my opinion) unskilled / fresh graduates that definitely have not been cutting hair for very long.

    Keeping in mind that I will have a new barber, I took in a picture of me, showing my normal hairstyle from different angles, asking for a trim to match it, the "barber" agreed he could achieve the look and continued with cutting my hair, 30 minutes of fidgeting later, he applies the most oily hair wax product i've even seen and looks for my approval. Sadly he missed the mark on my hairstyle, it looks nothing like what i had, and the hair is actually not cut properly where there is still unruly hair on the back of my head and the bottom of my neck.

    I pointed out the errors, he was happy to "fix it", except his version of fixing my hair, seems to be, cutting at it randomly, styling it again a completely different style to what i asked for, and calling it finished. I properly styled my hair, showed him all the points where my hair was sticking out and not cut to length, and ask him again to fix it, (never have i EVER done this anywhere!). After the 3rd time of him "fixing my hair", styling it different to what i just showed him, and pawning it off as completed, the barber then has the audacity to say the following "Cuz, I gotta go, I've been doing your hair for over an hour, i got other customers waiting".

    A few things wrong with this situation. 1. There was 1 (walk-in) person waiting who just sat down, with 3 other barbers on duty. 2. He still has not finished my hair. 3. so far it had only been about 35 minutes, mostly because of him messing around. 4. This haircut is costing me $35, not a small price to pay, specially for just a trim.

    He then "fixed" my hair, for the 4th time, still styled it completely different to what i showed him, by this time i was just tired of dealing with this situation, and called it quits.

    The "manager" on duty, sat right behind the chair i was on, was more interested in his phone and pointing out passing by girls to fellow co-workers than what was going on, i was asked to pay, i paid, vowing never to set foot again at MG's; and had to visit another barber to fix the mess this guy had made of my hair.

    P.S. if you are into bad haircuts and lots of unwanted crotch rubbing on your shoulders and hands, this is the place to be!
    • Dear customer my name is Brenton I am one of the senior stylists and 2ic at mgs castle hill after reading your review we have spoken to all staff regarding this particular incident and the individual has been strongly warned about his professionlism towards all customers as we do not tolerate rudeness or unprofessional behavior towards our valued customers on behalf of management we sincerly apoligise for the negative and unprofessional experience you had at our salon. We are offering a complimentary haircut and wash as I will personally ensure the requirements of your service will be of the highest and professional quality kind regards mgs management
  • this is the first salon that have done A+ job for my son's difficult hair.
    I was always kind of reluctant to go there, just because you see all these young guys, you'd immediately think: "inexperienced", as well as the salon itself is next to the food court and doesn't have a flashy appearance, which makes an impression of "quick and cheap type of place". But it's not exactly as it represents, the level of service is great, although, they are always very busy, and sometimes you'd need to wait around, or even book in advance. So far we've tried few different stylists, and we are happy with all of them. Keep it up!

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