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Reviews of Midas

  • I have taken my family's car there for the past 8 years and never had any problems with the services. They are willing to help any way possible and make sure they get to the root of the problem. They are always willing to help in any way possible. Best mechanics I've ever been to.
  • Best mechanics in Sydney! My family and I have been loyal customers from day one at rockdale Midas. Anthony, Sam and Heath all have outstanding knowledge and passion towards their job. Always helpful and extremely honest. I have recommended many friends and family members here, knowing they won't be let down. Extremely helpful service like no other! Second to none.
  • We have been loyal customers of Midas Rockdale for 7 years and continuing. We have found both Anthony/Sam to be professional and courteous with every visit. Their knowledge about cars is unsurpassed by none. Their passion for what they do is exceptional. Our experience with Anthony has always been of mutual respect. We have always been happy and never having to go back twice. I would recommend them to everyone. "Where have you guys been all my life". From 2 very satisfied customers Rick & Manuela :)
  • I used their services twice and I have learnt that their motto is to find things that should be fixed/replaced with a nonchalant ease. That opinion was also confirmed by another local mechanic who admited to hearing that you go there with a blown globe and you end up being told that 20 other things need replacing. I went there with a sqeak in my brakes and car pulling to the left. I was told that new arms have to be fitted and that new discs and pads have to be replaced and it would cost be $1000 After the arms were changed, guess what, car was still pulling to the left. I was then sent to the local tyre service centre nearby and after they wheel alighned the car it was still pulling to the left. You won;t believe when they simply swapped tyres as the thread was unevenly worn and that caused the problem, not the arms. I asked Midas to put my old ones back and with a lot of arguing they agreed. When I called them few days later to see if they had my old ones back they said they are not going to change them and I can complian as much as I like. I am now going to Fair Trading with this. My advice, stay away from them. Sweet talk and pseudo kindness will end you with your hand deep in your wallet.
  • Just Sharing My Awful Experience With Midas Rockdale Service and I Wouldnt Recommend It To Anyone Unless You Are Keen On Wasting Time, Money or Being Given A Run Around.
    Taken The Car In For Minor Repairs (Engine Warning Light Came Up On Dashboard). Ended Up Wasting 2 Days Of My Time, Given A Constant Run Around, Waiting For Phone Calls and Issue Still Not Fixed.
    After The Issue Was Fixed The Same Problem Came Up As Soon As I Drove Around The Block. Took The Car Back Owner Experienced Issues With Sourcing The Part In Timely Manner So I Had To Hang Around The Area A Wait All Day.
    Ended Up Asking For Full Refund As Found The Level Of Service/Professionalism Un-Acceptable. Service Providers Should Be Working For Paying Customer Not The Other Way Around.
    No Wonder The Shop Is Empty Compared To Others.
    Will Never Be Going Back To That Shop Again and Would Not Recommend It To Anybody. There Are Heaps Of Other Mechanics Available In The Area For That Type Of Money.

    Took The Car To Another Mechanic Next Door The Issue Was Fixed In 15 Minutes Without Any Hassles.
  • I made profile just to post this review from how frustrated and disgusted I am from this place , I came first time with my not so up to there standards car and oy requested to put an exhaust tip which is around 70$ money they where not keen into so they told me they will order part and call me and no call and this happened again with my gfs car so now two cars and same story and no response , they treated me like rubbish and weren't taking care of me since I wasn't BIG profit to them . No care for customers or respect DONT GO...
  • 10-star rating for:
    - Customer Service
    - Technical Knowledge
    - Professionalism
    - Honesty & Integrity**

    5 Dec 2012

    I brought my car in to Midas Rockdale today, as I had a punctured tyre when I was at Kogarah.

    The customer service and professionalism from Anthony Buccini (Manager of Midas Rockdale; who has been in this business for 19 years) from the initial phone call to fixing my car was nothing short of top notch. I would highly recommend Midas Rockdale to anyone who requires car servicing or repairs!

    When I found my car tyre punctured at Kogarah, I looked up for the nearest car mechanic on Yellow Pages and found Midas Rockdale. I called them and asked for advice. And advice was what I got. Anthony asked me a few questions (e.g. about the tyre condition) and assessed the situation before asking me to drive slowly to Midas Rockdale.

    When I was there, Anthony was there to greet me and immediately put my car into the workshop for assessment. I told Anthony I might as well do a minor car servicing ($149) since I was there. Long story short, after the assessment, Anthony found nails had went through 2 tyres (1 punctured; and 1 still with nail stuck in it) and the undercarriage cover had came off as a clip was missing. He fixed the punctures, put on a replacement clip to fix the undercarriage cover, carried out a minor service (oil change etc.), provided recommendation on how to change tyre on the road, gave me tips on general car maintenance etc., all for the price of a minor car servicing.

    I know I will be going back to Midas Rockdale for my car servicing in the future!

    ** Anthony could have recommended a tyre change to earn a few more dollars but he didn't. Instead, after assessing the two tyres, he recommended to fix the tyre punctures. I saved about $300 (cost of replacing 2 tyres).
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