Mie Thai Takeaway

Engadine, NSW
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Reviews of Mie Thai Takeaway

  • GeraldMUC Local Star 90 reviews
    It is a small shop, as big as my bedroom but the food is fresh made and you can see in the kitchen. they have lunch specials (11.30am-2.30pm) and free home delivery for orders over $ 30.
  • Terrible service, rude staff, incorrect orders, and cery average tasting thai... to top it off you need to watch the short changing!
  • seakar Area Expert 33 reviews
    This restaurant seats about 4 inside and 8 outside so it is much better as a take-away. The food is made for you on the spot and you can see all the fresh ingredients go in to the meals. Thoroughly recommended - there are many vegetarian choices too.

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