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Reviews of Mimos Pizza

  • Pizza has no flavour and is very dry, rich with topping but not tasty just very bland. Also rule number if you are going to have a business that relies on locals buying your products, train ALL your staff in good customer service. Being courteous and greeting your customers in a polite and friendly tone is a must, One particular staff seems to think otherwise.,Enough to say horrible horrible service, will never ever venture into this shop again, thank goodness i found out sooner rather than later. I couldn't agree more with the other review bad service.
  • Pizza is flavourless and customer service is absolutely disgusting!!!!! not all of the staff but some of them especially one of the staffs has a horrible attitude and is just plain rude!!!! Will not ever go here again and I will spread the message to anyone that will hear it! Horrendous service!
  • Garlic pizza was very dry :( not cheesy enough :( but capricosa was very nice :)
  • myrubytuesdays Foodie 179 reviews
    Friendly service and clean looking premises. Reasonable prices and super tasty pizza. Will be buying here again that's for sure.

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