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Mojo's Tapas bar at Bondi Beach is a vibrant place for some tasty tapas and a relaxed drink with friends. The food is reasonably priced; light starters such as dip served with warm crusty bread rolls is just $2 a serve and the mains range from around $8-$18. There is a generous selection of vegetarian, meat and seafood dishes and sangria is available by the glass and in half and whole litre jugs. 

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  • Owen Tran Newbie   1 review
    Very delighted with the food and friendly service. Fresh ingredients and good cooking delivered explosive and unique tasting experience. Tapas for the very first time and loving it.

    8 months ago - 31/07/2013

  • JPH66   5 reviews
    We arrived at 7.30pm(on time). Order not taken till 9pm, despite asking 2 servers twice each.Meals arrive at 10pm - no excuse for a Tuesday night.No second drinks ordered offered and when we wanted one, told to go down to the bar and ask there! Huh...obviously not interested in making money over the largest profit margin product - Have a dedicated drinks waiter! Told at 10.30 if we wanted desserts/coffees anything else we had 5 minutes to order it as the kitchen was closing(as if they could manage anything like an order, let alone a another dish in that time frame) - We just wanted the bill, but that took till 11pm - a ninety minute event took 4 hours, we had barely anything resembling a real meal ( ate at McD's on the way home).Worse service we have ever had, one waitress to about 30 patrons, writes the order down then goes and spends 10 minutes doing data entry at a PC ( 10 feet from the kitchen), here's a idea buy a remote order terminal!...potential to do so much better..never eating there again.
  • physiegirl   86 reviews
    I had my first Mojos experience last night with a few friends. We had the garlic prawns, cous cous balls, haloumi, chorizo, burritos, mushrooms and finished with the chocolate mousse and epinadas for dessert. I have to say that every dish we ate was absolutely delicious! Beautiful flavours and lovely and fresh. We all started off with a cocktail (and had a few more during the night!) which were great too... as was the sangria. The staff were friendly and the music and vibe was really upbeat. Lots of great food, drinks and laughs. A good night was had by all, and I'll be going back again for sure!
  • Sharking4 Newbie   1 review
    Rock They do Not.

    We visited the cafe as a group recently. The food was suffice but nothing to write home about. We ordered around 12 dishes between the 4 of us.

    One of the dished we ordered was the chilli prawns but what came out before them was the Garlic Prawns. As they were put down in front of us we alerted the staff that we ordered chilli prawns and not garlic. She placed the prawns on the table and said "I will go and see what we can do, they will be free" as as you do we ate them.

    When we asked for the bill - lo and behold the garlic prawns were on the bill. I called over another staff and told them the mix up. She went over to our original staff and told her of the problem. She then came over to the table and said "I never said they were for free - if you ate them then you have to pay for them". Astounded at her turn around we asked to speak to the management. Management came over and in front of a full restaurant of people proceeded to that the staff didnt say anything about we could have the dish for free, and generally showing he was not manager material.

    In the end in order to stop their act we said that is they felt that strongly that we did not oder but ate the prawns, we would pay for them.

    Coming from the service industry, a small plate of prawns given away vs having an argument in front of not just the table but the restaurant, and alot of bad word behind it, I want to ask management whether it was all worth it?
  • Chop Shop   4 reviews
    These guys ROCK!!
    Best food
    Best atmosphere.
  • T Modra Cafe Crowd   53 reviews
    Mojos is a Spanish tapas joint overlooking south Bondi Beach. They usually dont take bookings (unless you are happy with a 6pm or a 9:15pm booking), but unless it is a busy Friday or Saturday night, you shouldnt have trouble getting a table. The eating area consist of wooden 2 person tables along the wall to the back, which can be pushed together to accommodate larger groups, grungy posters on the walls and a classic dragster bike perched on the bar. A jug of amazing Sangria is a must to be had with any meal on the menu. In terms of what to eat, it is hard to go wrong. I tend to favour the Garlic Prawns, the Haloumi cheese, the Chorizo and the meatballs. The menu is priced very well and will set you back about $12 - $16 per plate. You will need four or five plates if you are sharing between 2 people.
  • Eatstreets Cafe Crowd   62 reviews
    Whenever people ask me where to eat around Bondi, I always find myself recommending Mojos. The authentic Mexican fare sets it apart from other mediocre tapas spots in the area. Ive been here with one other person, as well as in small and large groups, and every time its delivered. While the service can be a bit hit and miss, mainly because the place is often quite busy, the food is always yummy. I recommend the chorizo a must in any tapas experience and the meatballs, which are also delicious. Ive also tried the haloumi, which is really good as well. Everything is served in cute terracotta pots and on wooden boards, which I think adds to the authenticity of the whole experience.

    My only criticism would be that when I went for a group dinner, we had a set menu, which was all delicious food, but we probably didnt get enough of it, given it was something like $35 a head for food only.
  • anitacam Newbie   1 review
    Beautiful food, great service and awesome atmosphere looking over Bondi Beach. Great for groups.
  • Stoninho Cafe Crowd   70 reviews
    I've visited Mojo's three times now and always enjoyed the experience. The staff are friendly and helpful, the food is excellent and the views of the beach are awesome. Highly recommended if you're in the area...
  • AjayR   8 reviews
    I go to Mojos far too often. My best friend Bree lives interstate so whenever she comes to visit, we round up a group of girlfriends and head to Mojos. Its one of those funky iconic Sydney places that feels like you own it as soon as you get inside. You cant just walk in you need to make a reservation which is a sign that its so popular. The Sangrias are far too easy to drink and Patrice the owner mixes a mean Mojito God help me! The food and drinks are just divine. With cute little booth tables and beautiful decor, Mojos is a great place to chill out with friends, and a funky place to go on a first date where its not too intimate but just right .

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