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  • Cootster Newbie   1 review

    We had a similar experience to Callioe. We couldn't fault the care these dogs are getting or the fantastic work of this volunteer organisation in rescuing these dogs from the pound. We just found them difficult to deal with as the only person who seems to be able to respond to specific requests about dogs or 'match' families with them is Monika herself. This may have worked when the operation was smaller but it may be time to give extra training to those volunteers and delegate a bit more responsibility to them so that dogs can head out to new families more quickly. We were warned about this problem by other friends who had tried going through Monika's and felt equally frustrated. Noone except Monika can answer phone queries or respond to your emails. We were asked repeatedly to fill in a detailed form that we'd already submitted.
    We understand that volunteer organisations work within limitations but the next volunteer shelter we contacted seemed so much more efficiently organised and able to get the dogs to families ( without sacrificing the important process of checking potential adoptive families out carefully- we filled out a detailed form, had an interview and supervised dog walk and premises check, but different parts of the process were handled by different people so it was resolved quickly and communication via phone and email was excellent). Surely, when the alternative is that the dogs spend longer in cages, it's time to delegate. Noone would question Monika's devotion to this cause or the hours she puts in, just the rather frustrating methods of dealing with people who'd like to adopt a dog.

    3 months ago - 07/01/2014

  • Callioe Newbie   1 review
    We've been a dog owners for over 30 years and thought this time we would give a home to a rescued dog. We filled in an extensive form and were then asked to repeat most things on the form while on the phone. Our current dog can't travel in the car due to illness. It was suggested that despite her illness and that the car makes her uncomfortable, we put some towels down and bring her anyway. Not a very compassionate response from a 'dog lover'. So, they absolutely refused to meet our family because we have one, well loved but sick dog who can't travel in the car almost 2 hours to their location. Completely unwilling to find a work around. Very disappointing.

    4 months ago - 10/12/2013

  • Jesse28   3 reviews
    we visited and amazed at how giving these peopel are! please help if you can
  • brad.m Local Star   53 reviews
    Do the world a favour and adopt your pooch from Monika's. Keep in mind this is a volunteer organisation. I was a little overawed the first time I arrived; a lot of barking and a lot of dogs - but I must say they are extremely well looked after in their temporary care. Given these were all "death row" dogs, I didn't have particularly high expectations, but theres so many gorgeous little dogs with a whole range of personalities, sizes and ages available.
  • TruReview   11 reviews
    We had an extremely poor experience here as only one person is able to meet with potential dog adopters and they were apparently too busy to meet us. We were not allowed to meet any of the dogs or assess their compatibility with our family. We struggle to understand the methodology and have never been turned away from meeting potential members of our family before. We thought the focus should be on finding homes for the dogs and are amazed the many volunteers who were there at the time were unable to introduce us to the dogs.
    • Jesse28  
      they are very busy - you probably went at a very bad time..
      and it is a volunteer organisation ...



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