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Reviews of Monza Carspa, Cafe & Detailing

  • Took my car to monzacarspacafe,customer service outstanding,cafe section lovely,and most of all my car looked absolutely beautiful,I couldn't be more happier,thank you for the fantastic job,highly recommended,I will definitely be going back.jen
  • In a rush to get home, picked it up rushed home to find scratch marks that wasn't there when I dropped to off. Needless to say I won't be going back here ever again.
  • Did a great job of my car, but have been told by several people that it is expensive. I paid $70 for the Mondo 4 (full clean inside & out) on a sedan. My sister has a 7-seater and pays less than that at the same place. There's no prices displays next to each package though, so you don't know what you're paying until you've handed your keys over and they've started washing.
  • Poor service. Have taken the car a few times. Always need to get them to re-clean. Car had a little more vacuuming so they charged $10 extra. Paid $50 for wash and vac. Never again
  • Have been here twice and both times I had to ask for the cleaning to be redone.
    Last time the hadn't cleaned the tires or windows.
    Today it was the seats. I had specifically asked for the car to be cleaned inside and out.
    When I told the staff member the seats were still dirty he replied 'you didn't tell me the seats were dirty when you dropped it off". I reminded him that he had looked in the car himself when i dropped it off and i had asked for the inside to be done. Another staff member then told me "yeah but we don't vacuum seats. that's extra"
    there was also a couple of pieces of rubbish (empty up&go containers) that they had kindly put back in the car for me after cleaning it.
    Find the staff here very unhelpful.
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