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Reviews of Moon's Sushi

  • Nnyy 78 reviews
    I love love love this place!

    As a huge sushi fan, I'm never too fussed about what kind of sushi I'm having but it has to be fresh. Cue Moon Sushi coming into my life and I can never look back. With an interior not looking too flash, but perfectly presentable, I guess expectations of what you are going to get aren't high, until you experience it for yourself.

    With an extensive menu of fresh sushi, sashimi or bento boxes, there is always something for every appetite regardless of the time of day. Ordering is promptly done at the front and then you can take a seat and wait for your food to come to you. Service is prompt, polite and super friendly.

    The wait can vary in regards to how many people are in the place (of course) but once you have your food, you realise it's worth the wait. I've never had something come to me with was not fresh or beautifully presented on traditional serving plates, platters or cool little boats. Woo boat thing.

    My favourite dish is the special grilled salmon roll, but saying that, I've also had the other various sushi and sashimi which I would also recommend. The price might be on the high end for some (special rolls can go up to $16) but seeing as though you get what you pay for, plus you'd be surprised as to how filling the large rolls are. I'm sold!

    Moon's (shushi), totes make me swoon.
  • All freshly made Sushi , however this can lead to a half an hour wait. Grilled salmon,is a must! Teriyaki chicken is possibly the best I've had to date from any sushi restaurant I've experienced.
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