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Morayfield 7 Day Medical Centre

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Morayfield, QLD
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Quality medical care next to the shops.

Morayfield Shopping Centre Medical Clinic is located in Morayfield Shopping Centre. 
Centre services include and specialities include, Corporate Medicine, Family Medicine, Health Assessments, Immunisation, Men's Health, Occupational Health, Skin Checks, Women's Health and WorkCover. 
If you require any of these medical services the please contact us. 
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Reviews of Morayfield 7 Day Medical Centre

  • i went to this practice and was appalled by the service i received from a staff. very rude. let me waited for 25 minutes. when i got to a doctor i ask for my records but was brushed off saying i needed a request from another doctor. will not recommend.
    • Thank you for your feedback, we are deeply concerned that your experience on the day mentioned was not optimal. We have a commitment to training and developing medical centre personnel with the highest level of focus on quality patient care and we will endeavour to improve the customer service experience in future. Please feel welcome to call the Practice Manager on 0754280222 if you have any other concerns .Thank you.
  • Dont listen to you properly. Saw the medical staff and wanted to get a letter for work to say I was okay to work. Didnt even read the letter for them just told me to go schedule another appointment I can pay for a pre employment medical. Which I didnt need. If they had bothered to read the letter they would have seen it. Wait is always over an hour. Will never be going back, looking for another one. Other staff are nice, thats the only good thing about it.
  • Mixed review to be honest... until recently i was happy with the clinic and the staff i was seeing here, but lately i am horrified, things not being documented that should be, the amount of sample medication floating around their room not secured that can be easily accessed by patients when they walk out to do things which they often do... referrals that were supposed to be done that don't happen, obviously over worked or something as basic patient safety is going down hill... not good enough. Simple things that should be looked into by them when someones health suddenly goes downhill that they didn't even think of or do.... although in the past i have been happy.... just the last few months has really scared me and made me realise how their lack of action can really lead to someones health deteriorating further quicker then necessary.
  • I have attended this clinic for a number of years and always found the counter staff to be very helpful and cheerful.
    I would reccomend this practice as there is never a long wait either.
    • i have spent alot of time at this clinic this year... and have rarely had a wait less then an hr after my scheduled time to see them before i get in....
  • The reception staff were very rude and abrupt in my opinion, insisting that they did not have my details even though I have been to see the doctor several times. I would not recommend anyone to the medical centre. On a positive note Dr Pande was a good doctor!
    • Most of the staff now are really good, with the exception of a few new ones who dont have a clue, and are so rude its not funny.
  • I would not recommend anyone going to this medical centre. They either lost my records or did not lodge them with the health insurance commission. This was for a period of about 8 months. Now I can not prove I went there for accident claim.

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