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Reviews of Mrs Sippy

  • The place is nice but there are some things that need some attention from the managing staff. For example, the staff can be quite rude sometimes and they tend to procrastinate. The menu is not very big but the wine list is good and satisfying.
  • Exactly what double bay needed. Great atmosphere, great service.
  • I have been a loyal customer since you opened and was treated horribly last night due to how I looked. Shame that on top of service, your food and wine list is terrible. And the fact that you have social media pages but don't allow people to comment shows that you know that you will get bad reviews. I will not be wasting my money on your venue anymore.
  • Appalling service at @11.30 am Sunday when 2 take-away coffees was too big a deal for this place to handle. I was told they don't serve take-aways when they are busy. They had a total of 9 patrons sitting at tables. Hospitality/Service Industry-forget it.
    Thoroughly embarrassing.
  • simonc22 Foodie 137 reviews
    Must be the best bar east of Paddington by a long, long way. Cool vibe and great food. Good for a drink or dinner.
  • beanboy Local Star 305 reviews
    There aren't many places to drink in Double bay so I was quite happy to hear about something decent opening. And my first, second and now third time have all been great, I like the split between food seating and the bar, and there's also an outside area that's awesome in summer. It can get pretty packed here, so be prepared to stand, its modern, plays funky house music and is a great place to start before heading to the city for a night out.
  • Season change is upon us, Spring is near and in Sydney this means a few things: sun, skirts, skin and sippy. It's a very happy time, as the memories of last Spring and Summer spring to top of mind. We checked out our Summer stomping ground at it's first birthday last night, courtesy of co-owners Benjamin May, Andrew & Kate Stanway - 'twas well groomed and nicely matured after its first 12 months of business.

    Sampled the function menu - rock oysters with prosecco granita, pulled pork & hoisen sauce tartlet, lemon pepper prawn (best on ground!), gorgonzola & potato pizza, and these to-die-for roast beef mini burgers and hot dogs...
    The new Spring/Summer menu is soon to arrive too - watch this space.

    Their signature drink comes highly recommended by yours truly, the Mrs Sippy Martini, a perfectly crafted sweet & sour combination - more sour the morning after I admit. The chillout vodka lounge upstairs is also worth working the glutes to check out. Combine the function menu above with the vodka lounge and I think you'd have yourself a very good time (we did!)

    Hang on tight to your drinks though, the staff are so efficient that they continued to clean our drinks area when our drinks were still half full.

    Happy 1st Birthday Mrs Sippy! Times flies when you're having fun.
  • WeenieM Local Star 88 reviews
    I am not the biggest fan of Mrs Sippy. I have given it a few chances but it just hasn't won me over on any of the 4 times I have been there. The first time I went there, shortly after it opened, we had an enjoyable night - I just didn't think the pizza's were very tasty and the service wasn't very good at all. I decided since they had only recently opened perhaps they were still getting used to things and I would give it another chance. The next time was when I met a friend for a morning coffee. They had run out of pastries and could only serve us toast which we didn't feel like. Fortunately they ended up finding an extra pastry in the end which we could share, but the service was soo slow. Third time was a Friday night for drinks which was a lot of fun - its busy and buzzing but just a little too much for my liking - it was uncomfortably packed. I kept getting knocked about by people trying to get past it was so busy and it took my friend about half an hour to get a drink and when his friend tried to order after him they closed the bar even though they knew he had been standing there in front of him for so long. After these experiences I had decided I wasn't their biggest fan but when my friend wanted to go there for dinner one night I thought I'd just go and see what it was like one last time - since someone told me the crab linguine was good. We waited about 45 minutes for a table, which was fine since we enjoyed a drink whilst waiting. However by the time we ordered there was no crab linguine left so I ordered the steak instead which was quite a disappointment. The meat was so undercooked when I asked for medium that my friend who asked for rare and I swapped because hers was cooked a little bit more (still very rare though). The steak was very fatty and it came sitting on top of just a few uncooked spinach leaves (boring), and a big pile of fries. The meal was very overpriced for what we were served and the quality. I'm not usually one to write a bad review or be so negative about a meal but I was just so unimpressed. I still have hope that it will improve though as it has the potential to be fun, a good location, and has a great outdoor bar area, but for now - I just don't understand what the hype is about.
  • ShaeShae Local Star 102 reviews
    I have mixed feelings about Mrs Sippy, it's a bit of a love/no love relationship. I recommend it for a casual mid arvo weekend drink when you can get to the bar and it has the right atmosphere for a girls dinner or casual date. However, business is booming so be prepared for shoulder to shoulder rubbing on a Friday/Saturday night where locals flock. Since opening, the service has improved tenfold and they've been fairly accommodating for some difficult food allergy requests. The food itself is pretty tasty. Worth checking out.
  • This is exactly what Double Bay needed, there hasn't been a decent new bar open up in the area for a while, cool crowd, cool atmoshphe, a lot of beautiful people here which is always nice in a bar like this. Enough of a range of drinks to suit everyone, will be back for sure, might try the food next time.

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