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Mount Waverley, VIC
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Reviews of Mt Waverley Body Repairs

  • Service is absolutely shocking.
    I work for a group of hotels and I know what customer service is - Mount Waverley Body Repairs has none.
    I was recommended by my insurance company to go to MWBR, they provided me with a loan car on the Monday and told me that my car would be fixed by the Friday. They called me on Friday morning and told me that my car was not ready and to 'keep the car until they call next week'. I had the car the entire weekend and all the way through to the next.
    I had not received any updated via phone or text until Friday at 3 pm. I work a 9-5 job and missed their calls.
    I did not call back on the weekend as I assumed they were closed seeing that the previous weekend, they had told me to keep the car.
    On Monday morning at 7.45 am, I received a call from the receptionist, screaming at me to bring the car immediately back.
    I told her that I had only received one missed call from her on the Friday and that was not enough notice for me to work around my job.
    She proceeded to tell me that she 'doesn't care' and that she will be 'organising a toe truck to come and collect the car from my place of work'. I asked her how I was supposed to get home (I live an hour away from my work) and she provided me with no alternatives.
    She then hung up directly in my face immediately after I provided her with my work address, I called her back and she said 'the line cut out'. I ended up returning the car on the Monday afternoon, where she took the keys back without looking at me.
    Good job on the car but get a new receptionist, she clearly has no people skills, someone should have intervened.
    A business like this usually depends on word of mouth, and this is something they will fail in if they employ people like this.
    • We regret that you had an unfortunate experience with us and your comments have been noted, but with all fairness we did our very best to get your vehicle back to you as soon as we could. Unfortunately the delay on getting your car back to you in the 5 day time frame was due to parts being unavailable, hence why you had our loan car for 14 days. I'm glad you are happy with the work that has been carried out on your car. We do our utmost to keep our customers informed on the progress of their car, and we will look at improving this procedure, despite your comment that you were only contacted once on Friday 3.00pm, this is completely untrue, we tried several times to contact you. For future reference, when borrowing a car from either a Hire Car Company or a even a friend either for 1 day or 14 days it is common courtesy to return it with a full tank of fuel, as was the case when you borrowed ours. I do not find it unreasonable to charge you for fuel, when you had our car FOR FREE!!!
  • I have just had a marvelous experience with mt waverley body repairs.. they were quick and efficient.. they even changed my light bulb for free when i came there to check my car. Once again well done on their services.. keep it up!
  • jarrahblue Local Star 705 reviews
    I actually have had good experiences with them when we were sent here by Ozicare (auto and general), one of our cars was in repair for panel damage here and while they were working on it someone smashed into the back of our other car so I picked up one car and dropped another off within 1-2 weeks. both cars panel damage was repaired/replaced perfectly as far as we can tell so far. the only thing I could complain about was that they are not always too forthcoming in phoning you to tell you car is ready to be picked up (or that is required a bit longer) on scheduled completion date -you usually need to ring them. Our window tinting replacement was not don't when we picked it up, which was on their form from Ozicare, so when I brought this up she noticed Ozicare had not allocated a $ amount for it so she said she would chase it up and get back to me, i waited about a week for a call back and then rang myself and was given a contact to call to get job done an they had told them to bill them directly and there were no issues with this job either. there was also a slight buckle in one of the panels in the first car repair they did which I brought back to show them and they apologised and fixed it up while I waited and were polite and friendly.
  • Do not recommend. I too had advised to go here from RACV, i needed a single headlight repaired. After getting the car back the indicators no longer blinked and the high beams couldnt be switched on, not sure how they managed to return the car with more problems than when it was sent in. Very poor
  • Not recommended at all! I was made to go to this body repair agent via AAMI and im yet to see why they recommend them. The paint job is ok however i have been advised by another person in the industry that it is slightly out. Also my car required some protective decal sticker around the rear wheels, the staff quickly slapped them on and it had air bubbles all the way through it when i asked them about them they replied with they would sort themselves out in time.....i knew this was not the case, however i gave them the benefit of the doubt and gave it a week for the air bubbles to " sort themselves out". As expected they didnt disapear, i called and complained and they said they would order new decals and call me when they get in then send an agent to me to put them on. It has now been TWO MONTHS since i started dealing with them and suprise suprise nothing has been fixed and i havent heard from them. POOR QUALITY! POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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