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At Multicare we care.

family medical centre for 21 years catering to all your families needs including health checks, pathology, skin checks, immunisation, sclerotherapy, medicals, pysiotherapy, dietician, pap smears and much more.
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Reviews of Multicare Family Medical Centre

  • I have actually had mostly good experiences with this clinic. True they are always rushed and often there is a long wait but I really like some of the regular doctors there and I find most of the receptionists to be really lovely. There is one really sour receptionist though, but all in all still I think it's not a bad place. I have heard good things about the medical centre in the mall so might give them a try sometime.
  • I have been to this clinic three times now at various times of day throughout the week. Each time the wait is at least an hour and reception has to turn people away. Curiously, they always say it is because they only have 1 or 2 doctors on, despite the fact that I can see at least five consultation rooms from the foyer. Suffice to say, I won't be returning again. Tip to Multicare - with a number of other clinics within walking distance, stop cheaping out and just hire some more doctors, because people won't tolerate such long waits.
  • Today was shocking. Receptionists are unprofessional, one was eating a wrap while serving a customer. In addition, have never experienced such extreme rudeness and a lack of empathy from a doctor in my life. Will not be returning. The medical centre down the road at Ashfield Mall is much better.

    Due to Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency guidelines, I am unable to comment on the specfic clinical practices I experienced at Ashfield Multicare.

    What I can say is that I was misdiagnosed for a horrible condition I didn't have and encourged to spend money on treatments I did not require. I saw 2 other (more competent) doctors for a second opinion who were able to confirm that the Ashfield Multicare doctor was incorrect and fudged my test results.

    When I questioned the doctor about this they were extremely slow in admitting their wrong doing, and refused to reimburse the money I had had to pay for unnecessary treatments.

    The staff, from doctors to receptionists, were uncooperative and rude.
  • Worse medical centre ever, especially the receptionist, ask u come back 2 hours after still got 7 more patients. Never put you on the proper waiting spot.
  • I saw a doctor this morning around 8am - I was in and out quickly and efficiently. After reading below reviews I was a little unsure to attend but after my visit I will be back. I would expect that on a Saturday with no other medical centre open in the area that there would be a delay in seeing a doctor. Like anything get in early people and if what you need isn't urgent and can wait till a weekday then come in on a weekday and save people who are truly sick (I had the flu and terrible tonsillitis) for weekends!
  • They made me waiting for 1,5 h and my visit took 30s, I am not the person who goes to doctor too often but this was worst ever as this person was not very interested what is wrong with me. Don't waste your time and money!!!!
    • I just had similar experience today. I am just back from the Medical Centre and thought to search online if people had have similar experiences at this place. First of all the reception staff on Weekends is very rude to the patients. They dont really care if patient is having trouble understanding English and are Rude to them. However, today when we went there for our 5 months old routine check ups of weight, height etc. The doctor was furious that this could have been done by a Nurse on a weekday. The doctor seemed to be in Hurry. On top of it when we were coming out they said you visit next time on a weekday. This is after we wait for more than an hour.
    • In actual fact you requested to reception to jump the queue as you had forgotten your pathology referral at home and you did not want to wait. it was politely explained to you that there where seriously ill people in front of you, and this could not be done. You had to wait your turn. You did not like this. Further the nature of your consult was that you wanted a pathology referral and you wanted it quickly. you had decided to wait rather to go home and get your other referral. This was your decision. You were not charged so it is miss leading to say you were and tell patient to waste there money. We reserve all rights to further action.
    • Defiantly waste of the time every time I went there made me wait 2 hours when u come back they ask u wait another hour. Especially receptionist attitude r really bad like they don't care about the wait.
  • My mum broke her ankle in three areas nine weeks ago and needed surgery the next day to have pins and a plate put in her ankle to heal it. Despite that she has seen her specialist at the hospital on a couple of occasions, she still has an infection in one of the surgery scars. They gave her antibiotics for the infection and she said that although he reassured her it was healing well, they looked at it like they were worried, and so she felt she had little reassurance that the scar was healing properly. I convinced her to visit my gp Dr Hsu at Multicare on Friday, and he had a proper look at her ankle, reassured her that the wound was healing, and gave advice to care for her leg, and gave her a prescription for a cream antibiotic to help the wound to heal - I don't understand why this wasn't given to her in the hospital! It's been a couple of days only but it seems the cream has been effective in helping the wound heal.
    The wait was a little long at the medical centre, but we expected this as dr Hsu is very good, and is very popular always. Small price to pay for better results than what we got from the specialist, and reassurance for my mum!
  • My doctor is always nice to my family. She spends so much time with us. I guess she does it to everyone because if you don't make an appoinfment in the early morning she always runs late. I like Dr. Mah.
    There is one amazing receptionist as well. She remembered my son's name! even though it's not familiar English name.
  • I grazed my leg on a nail that was poking out of the wall while doing some home renovations. I was hoping I wouldn't need stitches so that I didn't have to wait at the doctors. I stumbled across Multicare online and so I went in. To my surprise shortly after arriving I was put through to see the doctor and was attended to with quality care and such friendly and professional staff. In terms of service this place is number 1!
  • I came in with my child who had a temp of 39... I was so pleased with how quickly and calmly reception dealt with the situation by checking her temp first then making the doctor aware of how high it was... We were seen almost straight away!
  • Cut my finger preparing a Christmas feast for tomorrow and was pleasantly surprised to find that there was somewhere open the day before Christmas! I was in and out in no time and the service was great.
  • ANDRE7S Local Star 22 reviews
    every time I have been to this place, it bothers me how quick they are to push you through without any real proper diagnosis. I had a very bad skin condition and every time I went there, no one could help me. they kept recommending me different creams and what not but it wouldn't work and I had to say to one doctor that rather than rush me, why not actually take a look at the scarring on my body but they looked at it for about two seconds and just said "maybe try some topical cream, that might work". I am not going to name name's here but it was frustrating. I ended up going to a different clinic nearby where the diagnosis was made on the spot and the correct prescription was given, all because they took their time.
    I have not been back there since, even for a med certificate. it's not worth it.
  • Had never been to this medical centre after picking my daughter up from preschool I noticed that she had a fall while paying with the other kids as my regular medical centre was closed on the day I called multicare family medical centre they asked me to bring her in, when I took her there I was put thru to the nurse who cleaned the wound and the doctor came in not long after had a look at it and explained what needed to be done. I was in and out within 20 minutes great service and staff.
  • With my busy lifstyle i am so glad that the medical centre cater for so many different services.
    After taking my son for a routine check i mentioned to the doctor about my son's
    weight increse.Doctor suggested we see a dietician, made a appointment and was happy with advise and education simple enough for my son to follow.
  • I came backed from holidays and saw a new doctor today. I was very happy with his service, he is informative and really knows what he is talking about and shows he really cares. I'm glad to see new doctors working there and feel really happy to see them.
  • I hurt my back over the weekend playing tennis. I was able to see a doctor without too much wait (which on a sunday is rare!) and was able to be booked in with the physiotherapist first thing Monday morning. I will be back.
  • I am so angry. Website said that this medical center was open at 8am. I got there at 10 to 8 only to find the sign that said it opened at 9am. By this point I already knew I would be late for work but only by a few minutes. Now that it opened at 9 I would be an hour late. But I was willing to wait because I have tonsilitis for the third time in three months and I knew I needed antibiotics. So I waited over an hour for the reception staff to open the door and tell me (and everyone else waiting who had also read on this website that if opened at 8am) that the doctor wouldn't arrive until 10am!!! I just couldn't believe it!! I asked the reception staff why hasn't they put a sign up saying the doctor wouldn't arrive until 10? Staff didn't have an answer. I had to leave. There was no way I could waits another hour making me two hours late to work. So now I am late til work, feeling really sick and still with no antibiotics after getting up at 6:30 so I could make it to the doctors in the first place. First, change the times on the website!!! Secondly, make a sign that says there will be no doctor until 10am! Seriously! How hard is that? And to be clear, I've given this place half a star because the website wouldn't let me continue without giving it something. So half a star but how would I know? After waiting more than an hour I didn't even get to see a doctor.
  • Continue to be happy with the service i receive at Multicare Medical Centre.
    Starting from the receptionist through to doctors ,nurse and pathology services.
    It's great to have all my needs attended to in the one centre.
    Therefore i will once again recommend it!
    i get addressed by my name which makes me feel welcomed !!!!
  • I have come in to this medical centre at Ashfield a few times. I must say each and every time i came in i received appalling customer service from the rude staff there at the medical center who clearly treat you as just a number. I waited there for more than 10 minutes while one was typing away not even looking up acknowledge that i was standing right in front of them, instead they just ignored me, then got up and went in to the back file room laughing and making jokes with another staff/ doctor? before i was noticed.
  • Just recently unfortunately my uncle had a fall and hurt his wrist.
    We weren't sure whether to take him to see a doctor at the centre or take him to the hospital.We made the decision to take him into Multicare and were so thankfully we did, as in no time we were attended to by a doctor ,sent for an x-ray (which is conveniently just down the road) and the diagnosis given to us by the doctor again,following having to see the pactise nurse.
    All this was done in an acceptable time frame. I'm sure had we taken my uncle to hospital the waiting period would've been much,much longer...and time is precious!!!
    Once again i was so pleased with the service and care give to us.
    Happy client !!!
  • This place seems to be getting busier all the time, but there seems to be more doctors to keep up with the demand! Went in early this week, but I didn't specify which doctor I'd see as I was just after a repeat for my prescription, this seemed to make a major difference in waiting time for me, as the waiting room was jam packed with people, my waiting time took no longer than a reasonable 15-20 mins. By the time I picked up my newspaper from across the road it seemed my turn was up! Too easy, thanks.
  • I came back with my dad for a review and once again the service was wonderful. Everyone was happy to see that my dad was recovering really well. The atmosphere/Enviornment in the Centre is so calming at the moment, i noticed that they had made some changes with the colour and the furniture and believe it is what has made the difference.

    Thankyou to all the staff at Multicare and i wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  • Great service again.!!! I thought it was a different place because the signs out the front have become blue but i was wrong. Looks really modern. Merry xmas to all the staff and doctors.
  • Been coming here for years, seen many different doctors and always fantastic. Provides a great range of services under one roof. PS. Love the renovations!
  • I was not able to make it to my regular GP the other day as he does not take patients after 11am. I found that this medical centre was local so I thought I'd just go in and get checked out until I could see my family doctor. To my surprise the medical centre did not only
    Offer me great service with welcoming and helpful staff, but the doctor whom i saw was excellent!. During my wait I was able to talk to reception and inquire about the skin cancer clinic that they have available. I was easily booked in to see the specialist and within a week I had skin my checked and some moles removed. I am happy that I am able to have access to such efficient services in my local area. I now have a new GP.. Thanks multicare !
  • I have been coming to Multicare Medical Centre for 23 years and have continuously received great care from the doctors..Yes, at times there is a long wait but that is expected in order to receive the proper care and attention required for a medical consult. Reception staff are always friendly and willing to help in any way they can.
  • I have been a patient of Multicare for over 15 years. The reception staff have always been very helpful and friendly. The doctors, pathologist and nurse are very professional and caring.
  • Having recently arrived to Australia,looking for a good family doctor wasn't easy.
    Whilst getting familiar with the area i came across Multicare and have since been a regular
    I've found the doctors are really good in general and also great with children.
    Also, the opening hours are quite long everyday which is easy for my family to get access
    if we need.
  • I am very grateful to have been introduced to Multicare Medical Centre by my work colleague a few years ago.
    Being a female it's important to know that i have the option of seeing a female doctor at anytime with or without an appointment.
    The doctors are great and so are the rest of the staff.
    It's a well equipped Medical Centre with all your needs in one place.
    I can therefore say i am a happy customer and have since recommended it to many of my friends and family members,which are also happy.

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