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Murrumba Downs Medical and Dental Centre, is a no appointment necessary Bulk-billing GP surgery, it is open extended hours 365 days of the year. And in the same building is a Dentist, Physiotherapist, Pharmacy, Pathology and X-ray. All your healthcare needs under one roof.

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  • CathandGaz Newbie   1 review
    Wow, like Buttercup 1, I was shocked to read these reviews. How unfortunate that people feel this way. Over the past 2 years I have been a very frequent patient at this centre. I am quite prepared to wait to see my doctor as she provides quality care to all of her patients. I have searched for a doctor like this for many years and feel very fortunate to have found her. And, I have found the reception staff to be fantastic. I have never found them to be anything other than courteous, professional and extremely helpful. When I am really unwell, I attend the treatment room and the staff there too are wonderful and caring. I have seen people verbally abuse these poor women and be rude simply due to the length of time they have waited, as if it is their fault. Its a free service, we are very lucky to have it. I have previously been a patient of a private practice and even with appointments, have still had to wait sometimes 2-3 hours to see a doctor and then pay for the privilege. I feel for the reception staff when there is only one on reception as it can be overwhelming to see a line out the door. I have worked as a practice manager and it is a tough job as there are lots of rules and regulations, but can be rewarding when met with a smiling face.

    1 month ago - 11/02/2015

    • Honesty t Newbie 
      So judging by ye comments it looks like they give priority if you are a regular. My wife went today and waited from 11:30 - 1:45 until she saw a doctor. She went to get her rod out (birth controll) the doctor played around for 15 minutes and couldn't do it and said she needs an ultra sound. She went to another doctor down the road in 40 min she was seen to and rod removed. This surgery is pathetic and a waste of time, the doctors are not personable and the reception don't see how you are after 2 hours or tell you "it shouldn't be much longer" instead you have to keep asking every 30 min.. At the end of the day it took this doctors surgery over 3 hours for something another surgery did in less than 40 min.. Don't go there

      1 month ago - 18/02/2015

  • Buttercup 1 Newbie   1 review
    Well reading these reviews has shocked me ! I have great respect for the staff down there i actually witnessed today the abuse from a patients to a member of staff just because they were asked to confirm there details, how the staff remained calm is beyond me think i might of strangled them ( thats why iam not in customer service ) I myself was treated with care and compassion as always keep up the stressful job !!!!
  • James0100119 Newbie   1 review
    Staff are always rude and uninterested in helping you at all. You are expected to know what details they want. Serious changes need to be made as this area becomes more populated

    1 month ago - 09/02/2015

    • Buttercup 1 Newbie 
      Think you where at the wrong practice mate there a great bunch of staff very helpful , dont forget its a walk in centre , you will have to wait, and you generally have a great selection of doctors , a treatment room and an xray department at no cost to yourself just you time !!!!!!

      1 month ago - 11/02/2015

  • Warren Tie Newbie   1 review
    Appalling service. We were told at 2.30 when we arrived there was 46 patients but they had 6 doctors working and the wait was approximately up to an hour. Its now 5.20, we have been here for nearly three hours and I have just been told by reception when I yet again queried them how much longer that we are now ninth in the cue. When I asked where the six doctors are they advised only one now working after 5pm. Do yourself a favour go to any other clinic. Will never come here again.
    • Warren Tie Newbie 
      Update still waiting have just been told by receptionist who started at 5 there was never 6 doctors on today as we were advised at 2.30. Only ever max of four for a period today. Very angry at this pathetic service

      2 months ago - 05/01/2015

  • Tanm82 Newbie   1 review
    Reception staff are the worst in the industry rude and unhelpful - some of the doctors just as bad they should be in a different profession
  • Chase Weir Newbie   1 review
    Reception staff is rude. Told me at 8pm that they weren't accepting more patients, they don't close until 10pm, and had 15 people waiting. And the staff's attitude was "I don't care" most pathetic sorry I've heard in my life. 100% fail
  • Sarahflair_james   6 reviews
    I found the staff rude and not helpful, extremely long waiting times, the staff at the front need to be trained or retrained about dealing with patients, it is a shame.
    2 hours wait is just ridiculous

    6 months ago - 24/09/2014

  • coffeelover100   3 reviews
    I have been attending the centre for about six months. Yes the wait time has increased but it is worth it when you find a great Doctor. Sitting at the centre for such a long time waiting has given me the chance to observe the staff. Whilst they are clearly run off their feet they are always friendly and handle all abuse from patients in a dignified manner.
  • Jessy01 Newbie   1 review
    This centre was a fantastic experience. The doctors there really give you the time and make you feel like they care. The reception staff are very welcoming and kind. Would highly recommend this centre to anyone!
  • topbear   4 reviews
    The doctors in a word, superb..Now if they could/would fix the attitude of their front-end staff the wait would be worth it. Just try making a complaint about them and/or asking to see the management. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN... To walk in the door and hear ..and I quote.."Dam here comes another one" is not conducive to business. One does wonder if the management of this practice read or care about any of the negative comments. A score of 1.8 out of 5 is pathetic for an industry that is meant to care for people.

    6 months ago - 08/09/2014

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