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  • To Music Makers Australia Pty Ltd
Music Makers provides high quality tuition in a friendly and comfortable environment as well as musical instrument sales, hire and service.
Our teaching rooms have been specially constructed to reduce the distraction of noise from other instruments.Our teachers have great qualifications and experience.
The retail store has a good range of printed music and offers a "quick return" repair service on just about every musical instrument.

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  • Deborah Joy B Newbie   1 review
    My daughter has been with Music Makers, under two exceptional tutors (for voice and trumpet) for over 3 years. I was so inspired by the process, results and professionalism that I took voice and piano lessons myself before joining a local community choir. Music Makers took me from a shower singer to a regular public performer with The Challis Singers and my daughter through honours with AMEB exams and successful solo voice auditions for her school, onto live public performances. I would recommend Music Makers to anyone with serious aspersions for advancement in music and voice. The environment is as stated in previous feedback, paired with a "no mess, no fuss lets get the job done" approach from the owner. I couldn't be happier or more satisfied. Deborah Bocock
    • Robin Banks Newbie 
      I suggest you look else where for children's musical tuition.

      The management is very unprofessional, never has a nice word to say to anyone and doesn't know how to interact with children.

      The tutors are often upset with their working conditions and this is reflected in the way they conduct their lessons. There is never any follow up written or verbal assessment of your child's progression. You are often left wondering and when you ask, your simply told things are "great".

      After leaving Music Makers, we quickly came to realise there are much better local music tuition places that teach children in a fun and entertaining manner in which they respond positively to.

      8 months ago - 06/08/2014

  • raj flint Newbie   1 review
    Ready to take your money without suppling the goods. They never take the time to call and tell you why your goods still haven't turned after 3 weeks when the initial estimated time was one week. Refuse to refund money even when their part of the bargain in not upheld.
    I will never enter this store again.
    • Mig000 Newbie 
      raj flint - do everyone the courtesy of telling the full story. Yes you ordered a book and we took a non-refundable deposit on the goods. We ordered the goods but as yet we have not received them from our supplier. We have spoken to you on at least 3 occasions. The reason you paid a non-refundable deposit is that we are unable to cancel the order so we will be stuck with "your" Suzuki violin Book 6 for a very long time. The deposit you paid is considerably less than the price of the book so who is more inconvenienced by this? The book was ordered by you on 26th February - sounds like a long time ago except that there are only 28 days in February and I personally never give people a time frame for things coming in because the supplier is in Melbourne and we have no control over their stock, their dispatch time or what is happening on the roads between Melb and Syd. Most people understand that we do our part which is to order the goods in a timely fashion. M Brown - owner MM


  • DebbieFeltin   6 reviews
    We took our daughters clarinet to this shop for repair and got really quick and friendly service. The repairer showed us the problem and got it back to us only two days after we left it.
  • musicm Newbie   2 reviews
    Music Makers Gordon is a pleasant change from other teaching studios!! Clean rooms, bright colours, competent and friendly staff! What more could you ask for?

    • Robin Banks Newbie 
      "What more could you ask for?"
      I could ask for an honest customer review, not a review posted by the business.


  • Sarchance   4 reviews
    I went to their retail music store to get some advice about my fathers guitar that was quite badly damaged. They were very helpful and offered to fix it, even though I had been told by another repairer to "throw it away". This guitar means the world to me because my father passed away last year and I would have paid anything to have it fixed. The man in the shop did a really good job, the guitar plays better than it ever did before and the cost was so much less than I expected.

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