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A highly qualified Hypnotherapist specialising in hypnosis designed to overcome the toughest personal obstacles and bring lasting change. Book your FREE consultation today.

Tired of battling the same problems over and over again?  Receive immediate help to overcome life's challenges from a qualified professional, so that you can start living to your true potential today.  Not sure if hypnotherapy is right for you?  We offer a free 30 minute consultation for new clients.

Proven Expertise: We have helped individuals across Australia overcome extreme distress in the areas of Addictions, Quitting Smoking, Anxiety, Weight-loss, Fears & Phobias, Insomnia, Chronic Pain Relief, Self-Confidence, Relationships, Sexual Problems, Attracting Women and Stress.   We design tailor-made programs to suit individual circumstances so that optimal results are achieved as quickly as possible.  Our work regularly sees clients go on to lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives without the reoccurring, daily battle they once suffered.

About Hypnotherapy:  International research shows that Strategic Hypnotherapy is a highly effective and completely natural approach to dealing with personal problems. The success of this practice comes from the ability to by-pass parts of the brain that cause negative behaviour, so that we can access crucial parts of the brain that allow us to address the issues that are causing the difficulty.

About George Swan:  George is a highly qualified International Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, NLP Master and a graduate from the Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy. The Institute is Australia's leading hypnotherapy training provider, producing hypnotherapists of the highest calibre.  Rest assured you are in safe hands.

Our Practice: We are conveniently located on Pitt Street, in Sydney's CBD.  For those who cannot get to our practice, we offer sessions over Skype.  Get in touch to book your Free 30 minute consultation today by visiting

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  • Ally112 Newbie   1 review
    I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet George. After one session, George has completely changed my life. I was struggling in my relationship that was physically abusive. It caused me so much depression and affected every bit of my life. I never thought I would leave an just accepted the relationship. I was exhausted going to counselling and then I came across My Sydney Hypnotherapy. After my ONE session with George, surprisingly I left my relationship not long after.
    I have no idea why I accepted such a horrible life for myself. After meeting George, it was clear that I deserved better but getting me out of this dangerous situation was my main goal and I achieve it thanks to George and his services.
    I would highly recommend any women who is suffering from a physically abusive relationship to book yourself a session. Its only 90 minutes but it surely can change your life and I am living proof it works!
    Thank you George!

    5 days ago - 25/03/2015

    • George Swan Newbie 
      Thank you Ally for Sharing your experience with us and how hypnotherapy has helped you, great to read you are doing well now. Thanks

      4 days ago - 26/03/2015

  • BrendonO Newbie   1 review
    Since beginning sessions with George some few months back I've unlocked new faculties, both mentally and energetically, for addressing personal challenges that had existed for years. The power of hypnotic suggestion into the subconscious can be extremely powerful, speaking a language to which the conscious mind may never see. While I was a skeptical at first, I know that these treatments have given me the boost needed to challenge old patterns and beliefs, let go of unhelpful subconscious blockages, get clear on what I want in life, and take consistent action to ensure permanent results.

    6 days ago - 24/03/2015

    • George Swan Newbie 
      Thank you Brendon for sharing your experience with hypnotherapy and the benefits hypnosis has been able to provide for you. Great to hear you are doing well. Thanks

      6 days ago - 25/03/2015

  • Isabella2014 Newbie   1 review
    I had an important job interview and I was feeling very anxious about it. I decided to try Hypnotherapy as I heard that it can quickly boost your confidence. I came across My Sydney Hypnotherapy web site and I immediately made an appointment.

    After seeing George Swan, he taught me how to look at my job interview in a completely different light. Initially I was very anxious, nervous and fearful of job interviews, but was able to tackle my fears and present myself in the best way I can while bringing my A game to interviews.

    His work has put me in a position where I am comfortable and confident going to a job interviews. I cant describe the feeling now because this has been an issue I struggled with for a long time and to be able to overcome that in one session using hypnotherapy was like a cure.

    I would recommend George from My Sydney Hypnotherapy to anyone who really wants to compete for the job and improve their career skills and realise of their dreams.
    • George Swan Newbie 
      Thanks Isabella for sharing your experience with My Sydney Hypnotherapy. Good to hear that you are now so confident in job interviews. George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist


  • J.Barnes Newbie   2 reviews
    I have suffered with neck pain for over 10 years.

    I decided to try hypnotherapy for my neck pain as I had tried many other therapies with limited or no relief, and the pain is slowly getting worse, inhibiting me from living the life I want to live. I am a very active person, attending the gym and gym classes regularly, I like to keep fit and healthy. Due to the pain I experience I have had to adjust my training and fitness activities frustrating me greatly.

    A friend referred me onto George after he had success for the condition he sought therapy for.
    My first contact with George was over the phone where he clearly explained to me what was involved and what I could expect from the therapy. He gave me the opportunity to ask questions and put my mind at ease with any concerns I had.

    I went to the therapy with a very open mind and a positive outlook. The first session was amazing, I learnt so much about myself and the fact that I had the ability within to manage the pain. It was like an empowerment, George provided me with the tools and techniques to heal myself. I left their feeling confident that George could help me.

    The following sessions concentrated on different area's that together all contribute to the pain I experience. I would then go home and utilise the techniques George taught me, and from that I am feeling gradual change and relief. I wouldn't say the pain has gone or that I'm cured, it is an on-going process that I need to put the time and effort into to get the benefits. I have gained the knowledge and tools to use when needed and can honestly say it has been well worth my time and expense.

    I wouldn't hesitate in recommending hypnotherapy to my friends or family (in fact I already have) for any ailment, condition and/or habit they want to change or rid themselves of.
    • George Swan Newbie 
      Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience at My Sydney Hypnotherapy and how it has help you manage your pain. George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapy


  • M.Bauer Newbie   1 review
    I went to see George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapists to help me with a severe sleeping problem I was having.
    Using hypnotherapy which was very relaxing, George taught me a variety of helpful techniques to overcome the sleep problem. He also opened up my eyes to related underlying anxiety issues that I had not been aware of previously, such as previously I would worry about this and worry about that, which caused extra stress. George help me clam down my mind and put that worry pattern in the past, Im much more relaxed now.
    Over the course of the sessions, not only did my sleeping improve, but so did my overall wellbeing. We did some hypnotherapy to boost my motivation to exercise, motivation to lose weight and eat healthier. Im now going to Yoga class, eating better and enjoying life more.
    All I need to do now is to regularly use the tools I am equipped with to combat the problems if they resurface. Working with George it is like going to battle with your own inner demons and George is the Merlin who coaches you how to fight them. I highly recommend My Sydney Hypnotherapy for sleep problems, stress management, weight-loss and exercise motivation.
    • George Swan Newbie 
      Thanks for leaving a review and good to hear that your sleep has improved as well as your motivation for weight-loss and exercise. Thanks George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist


  • chris_l123 Newbie   1 review
    I would highly recommend seeing George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist if you are struggling to overcome any personal issues.

    After suffering from years of anxiety relating to the work place and socially, I made the decision to finally seek help at My Sydney Hypnotherapy and it was probably one of the best decision I've made in my life.

    After only a few hypnotherapy sessions with George for Presentation Anxiety, Fear of Public Speaking and fear of speaking in groups, it has help me a great deal and given me a new outlook in life.

    George has help give me the confidence and mental tools to overcome any situations where in the past would cause to have panic attacks. I am no longer ruled by anxiety and now can control and manage my emotions so much better.

    Chris L.
    • George Swan Newbie 
      Thanks for posting a review Chris and itâ??s great to hear that youâ??re doing well. George Swan My Sydney Hypnotherapy


  • veronica11 Newbie   1 review
    My primary reason for contacting George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist was to address a longstanding alcohol problem. I had had virtually no success in treating this issue myself and only limited advances working with a conventional psychologist. I was amazed at how quickly and effectively the hypnotherapy worked, Im no longer pre-occupied with alcohol, in fact I dont even think about it now.

    I was also pleasantly suprised at how well his methods using hypnotherapy and NLP helped with my social anxiety, self-confidence and general ability to "live in the now". I now understand how these things were intertwined with my alcohol consumption. Ive gone from being an anxious person who relied on alcohol in social situations to someone who could quite happily strike up a conversation with a stranger on the street. I highly recommend anyone with similar complaints giving George from My Sydney Hypnotherapy a call and see how much better life can be.
    • George Swan Newbie 
      It was a pleasure working with you, thanks Veronica. George Swan My Sydney Hypnotherapy


  • vanessa l. Newbie   1 review
    I was totally screwed up and not in control of my emotions, I often felt down and isolated. I had no family or support and felt that I had no real position in society. I then began using alcohol and partying too hard to mask the unpleasant feelings inside and had numerous failed relationships that only made me feel worthless.

    I went to all extremes after my job position was terminated and tried everything from detox to numerous councillors, even a priest to find relief and clarity ( as I do come from a strong Catholic background ). It wasn't until I found George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist from My Sydney Hypnotherapist on the internet and made a booking for hypnotherapy that has now, only after one session changed my life and I feel like I'm getting some form of relief and full emotional control.

    I have successfully deleted one terrible habit that if continued no doubt would have ended up killing me. I also feel a whole lot healthier, happier and definitely more relaxed. I have more control over my emotions and feel like the hypnotherapy really sunk in my brain without me even realising it. This is truly something I have not experienced before and I will be booking George Swan My Sydney Hypnotherapy to continue and build upon the great work we have already done and achieved together, thanks very much George. Vanessa.
    • George Swan Newbie 
      Thanks Vanessa, I really appreciate you sharing your experience at My Sydney Hypnotherapy, George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist


  • FJ2000 Newbie   1 review
    George assisted me greatly in helping me overcome my issues with self-confidence. Nothing in life is a "quick fix" but, in saying that, in just six sessions, I can see a marked improvement in relation to my self-confidence, which has greatly improved my personal life and helped me in my career. My family have also commented on the improvements that they have noticed in me! George's NLP methodology and hypnotherapy have given me a new mindset and approach to how I see myself, and how to approach situations where previously I would have questioned my self-belief.

    George has given me tools that I can continue to apply in future, and which I think will continue to help me continue to improve. I would thoroughly recommend George's services, and would not hesitate to use him again in future. Thanks George for all your help!
    • George Swan Newbie 
      Thanks you, it was a pleasure working with you. George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist


  • Loving being me Newbie   1 review

    I had moved to Sydney 7 months ago. After the first month, I started to miss my family and did not like coming home from my new job to an empty house. To occupy myself, I would buy takeaway meals because it gave me something to look forward to at the end of the day. My consumption of fast foods and junk foods escalated quickly, and this became a habit that got out of control. I was always feeling tired and emotional, struggling to fit in with my new job and lifestyle.

    I had always been an active person and ate a wholefood diet, with the occasional fun treats. My reliance on using food to cover my feelings of loneliness and worry about the big change I made, had made me into someone who no longer felt excited about living.

    That was the moment I realised that I needed help to work on the deeper thought patterns that were running my actions. I had paid for a 3 month personal training and nutrition plan that I thought would make me eat healthy again and get fit. I paid a lot of money for this program, but I just did not want to give up the fast food meals. Coming home from a job that I did not feel good about to an empty place was too much, food was my friend and I liked the numbing feeling it gave me.

    I looked for a hypnotherapist who had experience with what I wanted help with. I looked through George Swans My Sydney Hypnotherapy website and read the testimonials from past clients about Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Hypnotherapy for Weight-loss. I could see that he knew what I was going through, so I contacted him. We had a great phone conversation, where he explained to me about the subconscious mind, how it works, and what would happen during our sessions.

    George has shown me practical and easy techniques that quiet the chatter in my mind. I am now a much calmer person after just 4 sessions of hypnotherapy, and I no longer eat food in an uncontrollable way. Food is now a choice, I can choose to eat something healthy, or I can choose something that is a treat. I no longer overeat because I think I cannot control myself. Other areas of my life have improved, including how I spend my money and looking for a new job. My change is now a natural process that I look forward to.

    • George Swan Newbie 
      Thank you for your review and sharing your experience at My Sydney Hypnotherapy.



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