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My Sydney Hypnotherapy

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Sydney, NSW
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A highly qualified Hypnotherapist specialising in hypnosis designed to overcome the toughest personal obstacles and bring lasting change. Book your FREE consultation today.

Tired of battling the same problems over and over again?  Receive immediate help to overcome life's challenges from a qualified professional, so that you can start living to your true potential today.  Not sure if hypnotherapy is right for you?  We offer a free 30 minute consultation for new clients.

Proven Expertise: We have helped individuals across Australia overcome extreme distress in the areas of Addictions, Quitting Smoking, Anxiety, Weight-loss, Fears & Phobias, Insomnia, Chronic Pain Relief, Self-Confidence, Relationships, Sexual Problems, Attracting Women and Stress.   We design tailor-made programs to suit individual circumstances so that optimal results are achieved as quickly as possible.  Our work regularly sees clients go on to lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives without the reoccurring, daily battle they once suffered.

About Hypnotherapy:  International research shows that Strategic Hypnotherapy is a highly effective and completely natural approach to dealing with personal problems. The success of this practice comes from the ability to by-pass parts of the brain that cause negative behaviour, so that we can access crucial parts of the brain that allow us to address the issues that are causing the difficulty.

About George Swan:  George is a highly qualified International Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, NLP Master and a graduate from the Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy. The Institute is Australia's leading hypnotherapy training provider, producing hypnotherapists of the highest calibre.  Rest assured you are in safe hands.

Our Practice: We are conveniently located on Pitt Street, in Sydney's CBD.  For those who cannot get to our practice, we offer sessions over Skype.  Get in touch to book your Free 30 minute consultation today by visiting www.mysydneyhypnotherapy.com.au
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Reviews of My Sydney Hypnotherapy

  • Apologies for the review below. Some unfortunate technical issues occurred whilst George was out of the country that led to the booking being made when it shouldn't have been able to. George has been extremely professional in dealing with this issue. As yet I have not had the opportunity to work with George however, I am confident that this is a legitimate business.
  • This company seems to be a complete con. I paid for a Skype session but the Hypnotherapist did not turn up. Phone numbers and emails are not answered. There has been no response at all. Save your money don't use this company.
    • This is George,

      I am not in Australia and have block out my schedule so that no one can book while I'm away. This block seems to have worked expect for the Sydney clinic but not the skype sessions.

      There is some technical problem on the Appointment Core scheduling system, which I will take up with their technical support.

      I have issued a full refund from Stripe and it will take 5 to 10 days to appear on your statement.

      I offer you a free full initial 90 minute appointment to compensate you for the inconvenience we have caused, let me know if you want to take this offer up.

      Again my apologies for this technical error, this has never happen before and I'm going to ensure it does not happen again.

      George Swan
  • I came to My Sydney Hypnotherapy to get over a relationship and to start a fresh life. This is my first hypnosis experience and I did not know what to expect on my 1st session, but George made the session really easy and very personal. I personally not a person who can openly talk about my personal issue but with George I feel that I can talk about everything.
    I noticed change after my 2nd session and I am more open about options and see life in a much better perspective. Normally it takes longer to get over a bad relationship but with hypnosis it speeds up the process.
    • Thanks Nikki for your review and sharing your experience with us.
  • Years of anxiety and George cured me in 4 sessions. You are really helping peoples lives. I have got my life back again and it is amazing.#reviewtowin
    Review to win highlight
    • Thanks for your review, great to hear you are doing a lot better now.
  • George at My Sydney Hypnotherapy has helped me to beat a lot of issues I have been dealing with for years. Before my sessions with George I was struggling with confidence, anxiety, stress, and general negative thinking. After a few sessions George has helped unlock a whole new part of my mind that is now in control of my thoughts and able to do something about them. He has helped me take a great leap forward in my self improvement journey, and I would recommend his services to anyone looking for help in overcoming any of their issues.
    • Thank you for your feedback on our hypnosis service and awesome to read that you got a lot of value out of our sessions. Thanks
  • I highly recommend My Sydney Hypnotherapy to anyone looking to improve their lives. I have had six sessions with George and found significant improvements in my work performance and home life.
    I'm extremely happy with the result.
    • Thank you for your review of our hypnotherapy services, good to hear you got a great deal of value from the hypnosis.
  • Before my sessions with George, I was struggling with insomnia, low self-esteem and stress. These issues were affecting me personally and professionally. I was surprised to notice a big change after my first session; I was thinking a lot more clearly and wasn't getting worked up over little things. My confidence has improved and I have learnt how to make myself relax and not feel anxious over small issues. With the help of George I see things from a much more positive perspective now.

    My sleeping has improved tenfold and I feel more calm and confident everyday. I really believe everything is mental, and if you can change the way you think about things you can change your life. I would recommend My Sydney Hypnotherapy for anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.
    • Thanks for taking the time to review our hypnotherapy service, so good to see that you are doing well now. Thank you.
  • After a few sessions with George, I've gradually worked my way through the different layers that made me feel constantly anxious, lacking in overall confidence and thinking negatively about the future. I now have very little anxiety, think about best case scenarios and feel confident about handling whatever comes in the future. George has provided me with the tools and techniques to manage things myself and feel in control. Every session has been extremely valuable and I've walked away feeling so much better about myself and my world. Would highly recommend George to anyone who needs help - hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool !
    • Thank you Robert for reviewing our hypnotherapy service. Great to read you are doing well. Thanks
  • I had extreme issues with anxiety and depression with had taken a toll on my professional and personal life. I had researched and read about hypnotherapy provided by George and thought to give it a try as nothing else was working. Any doubts I had were removed after only one session. I felt a sense of calm and positivity I had not felt for many years if ever. Following, I attend a few additional sessions and since I have completely changed my personal self. I now feel I can express my feelings without worry, think and feel positive and communicate well with everyone in my life. George has been highly professional, friendly and supportive throughout my time with him and I would recommend everyone to try out hypnotherapy with him no matter how doubtful you are, you wont regret it at all.
    • Thanks Vandani, really grateful for taking the time to provide feedback on our hypnotherapy service. So good to hear you are doing well now.
  • I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet George. After one session, George has completely changed my life. I was struggling in my relationship that was physically abusive. It caused me so much depression and affected every bit of my life. I never thought I would leave an just accepted the relationship. I was exhausted going to counselling and then I came across My Sydney Hypnotherapy. After my ONE session with George, surprisingly I left my relationship not long after.
    I have no idea why I accepted such a horrible life for myself. After meeting George, it was clear that I deserved better but getting me out of this dangerous situation was my main goal and I achieve it thanks to George and his services.
    I would highly recommend any women who is suffering from a physically abusive relationship to book yourself a session. Its only 90 minutes but it surely can change your life and I am living proof it works!
    Thank you George!
    • Thank you Ally for Sharing your experience with us and how hypnotherapy has helped you, great to read you are doing well now. Thanks
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