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Myer - is my store

Myer is the largest department store group in the country and is the unquestionable leader in Australian retailing. Each of our stores is tailored to the area that it serves and we are positive that you will be satisfied with the extensive range of products and services that we offer.  

We have a commitment to always stocking the latest brands and the widest range of products. We offer an unrivaled choice in the latest international and exclusive to Myer brands across women's, men's and children's clothing and fashion, as well as accessories, toys, homeware, appliances, home entertainment, electrical goods and much more.
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Reviews of Myer

  • I love their staff for being so polite and helping. They try their best to find a good product. I am not 100% sure but a guy called Ricky helped me find a pair of shoes that I actually liked.
    Most recommended
  • I used to be a Myer shareholder and have a Myer credit card so I'm incentivised to shop at Myer. But they go out of their way to make me an unhappy customer, time and again. Every time I go to their city store I collect a bunch of things to buy and then it seems impossible to actually find a staffed counter or the ones that are staffed have a huge queue. Other staff walking the floor go out of their way to avoid eye contact. Admittedly I shop at lunch so it's a busy time - but several times now I've given up a Myer, gone to another store and been served quick enough that it beat staying at Myer. Comon guys - pick up your game at lunch time. I can buy this stuff elsewhere (and don't whinge if the internet makes you go broke). Glad I'm no longer a shareholder.
  • There always seems to be a bit of an unspoken competition between Myer and David Jones. I have to say, Myer wins for me every time. There's an abundance of choice and I have always received nothing but top notch customer service from every department here. Yes, the prices can be a little higher, but for convenience and a more pleasurable experience, it's worth it. I always feel a bit special when shopping there, the presentation of the store makes it an even more pleasurable experience. Yes, Myer is my store ;oD
  • Icefyre Area Expert 134 reviews
    Brilliant place to shop if you are looking for a good way to burn through cash. Lots of tempting sales, and many levels to check out. I only wish that they still had the old amusement center on the top of myer center, that was brilliant when I was a kid.
  • Best one stop shop. Biggest range of designer fashion, homewares and technology. Prices are high but expected with brand named items. Friendly staff are plentiful and free makeup sessions are delightful. Technology department are knowledgeable and are easy and willing when faced with price matching request.
  • perhaps one of the best places to shop in brisbane either as a local or when family comes in from out of town, the selection of stores is fantastic and there always seems to be someone that is able to help at any store you shop in, highly recommend a few hours to shop here at a minimum there is so much to see and buy
  • Was very impressed with the customer service here one Sunday afternoon in the childrens clothing section. The assistant bent over backwards to provide me with good customer service. She was a casual assistant, middleage & very helpful. Thankyou. It is good to see that the large department stores are hiring such lovely staff.

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