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Macquarie Park, NSW
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Myer - is my store

Myer is the largest department store group in the country and is the unquestionable leader in Australian retailing. Each of our stores is tailored to the area that it serves and we are positive that you will be satisfied with the extensive range of products and services that we offer.  

We have a commitment to always stocking the latest brands and the widest range of products. We offer an unrivaled choice in the latest international and exclusive to Myer brands across women's, men's and children's clothing and fashion, as well as accessories, toys, homeware, appliances, home entertainment, electrical goods and much more.
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Reviews of Myer

  • atan7 Local Star 1,301 reviews
    Very neat and well lit store with great merchandising and there are actually enough staff to serve people. The store is still new and there are also some great sale items. If you are looking for bargain homewares and random gifts check the back of the top level near bedding... Bargains a plenty...
  • jojostuff Local Star 405 reviews
    I'm not usually a fan of Myer Macquarie Centre (or Macquarie Centre in general) but I popped in yesterday to purchase a Kenwood mixer which was in stock here. We were served by a young guy called Gabiel Ang who went out of his way to reserve stock for us, get us the best price and then get us a trolley to carry our massive mixer box back to the car. I don't think I've come across better service in retail.
  • I wasn't really taken with my experience here. I went in on the weekend with a girlfriend to pick up a pair of sandals before we went to a film. On the way in, there was a huge sign saying that there was 40% off women's sandals.

    We found the ones we were interested in trying on only to find the sales assistant having a heated argument with a customer and refusing to budge on her perspective.

    When the line "I know my rights!" came out we thought we were better off coming back after the film.

    We did so. When the price was rung up, the 40% discount advertised outside was not reflected. When questioned, the sales assistant said gruffly "It finished yesterday." My friend drew the sales assistant's attention to the fact that the sign was still outside. The assistant repeated herself and followed us out to the signs to point out that it finished yesterday.

    I agree that the small print on the sign noted that the sale ended the day before. Which was fine and we accepted. Where it became a really poor experience for me is when the sales assistant offered no room to negotiate without joining up to the Myer loyalty program and there was no apology for the inconvenience, just a terse tone.

    First to be witness to an argument then no apology left quite the poor taste in my mouth with Myer Macquarie.

    If you're wondering why they got the two stars. Deep down, I'm an optimist.
  • Larni Area Expert 169 reviews
    Myer at Macquarie have a great range of products. They sell clothing, for almost everyone, books, stationary, chocolates, gift ideas and much more. They have a great atmosphere and reasonable prices. Service is nice, friendly and very helpful.
  • Myer inside Macquarie Centre Shopping centre is a great place to shop. There is a ranger of products available to suit everyone. The staff are friendly overall and the selection of products is always commendable.
  • roxy 33 reviews
    This review is particularly in relation to the make up section at Myer Mac Centre. A must to check out as there is a lot of deals/specials like buy 3, get the cheapest free or substantial savings on well known brands. Remember that Myer does LayBy so any items that you want can be placed on LayBy and gives you time to pay it off without hitting the credit card.

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