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Manly, NSW
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Only the best quality products are used with us.

Nails Tech is located in the heart of Manly, just steps away from the famous golden sand of Manly Beach. The salon is locally owned and operated since opening in 2002, offering a top quality nail salon experience - with a difference. At Nails Tech, we've taken the concept of a typical neighborhood nail salon, and raised it to a new level - a destination for your nails. Few other operators can offer quality service nail treatments in an environment that is not only beautiful, but also fun and relaxing to be in as well. Our clients constantly remark on how clean and sanitary our salon is compared to others, not just in Manly, but on the Northern Beaches.If youâ??re looking for quick nail service, anywhere will do. If youâ??re looking for the best quality products and outstanding service in a relaxing and inviting environment, however, Nails Tech should be your first, and only, stop.
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Reviews of Nails Tech-manly

  • I would give this place 0 stars if I could. DO NOT GO HERE. I am new to Manly and came into get a set of acrylic nails, my nails naturally are short and I like the extensions with acrylic. I came in and they were able to take me right away, I was having my nails done by the owner/ manager of the salon and she made me pay before the service was even started as she said my nails would be wet. I paid 78$ To throw it down the toilet. She put on my extensions and immediately cut them to the lame length as my original nail, I was completely shocked and she realized the look on my face when she said "oh I didn't even ask you what length you wanted"(what's the point in having extensions for them to be same length as my nail??) I said I usually do them longer, she continued to put on the acrylic, I was in a rush for work and wish I hadn't left until I was satisfied. I went back the next day on my break at work and told her I really wasn't happy with them and would like them filed down and re done or at least removed - I couldn't even look at them! She told me she couldn't remove them or do anything about them as they were "too new" and would ruin my nail beds... if you know anything about nails you would know getting acrylic nails in the first place isn't the best for them, she was also chatting to what seemed like a friend on the phone while doing another clients nails. What horrible customer service from the manager of a salon... Will definitely not return and what a waste of my money... Found another nail place a couple stores down who not only filed my nails off but did a fantastic job for half the price. What an awful salon shame on you for making your customer pay not only before the service was provided but when I come back unhappy and you have no solution.
    • Dear Samantha
      We have replied to your comment on our FB page. We welcome all reviews by our clients. We can only give advice and it is up to the client how they choose to proceed. We wish you all the best with your nails.
  • mins Local Star 941 reviews
    They are the most expensive nail place in Manly but they do a really good job and take the extra time to give a bit of massage.
  • I get my nails done here all the time and the staffs are very skilled and incredibly friendly. I've never had a bad appointment. They also have a very clean facility. Their pedicures are fantastic.

  • I love this place!! I have been getting gel manicures and pedicures here for a while and they always do great job! I have also referred others here and no one has ever been disappointed.
  • I am a regular at the place and can definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a nail salon that's a little bit more posh and classy and clean.

    Yes, the prices are a bit higher but you get better service in my opinion. It's clean - their pedicure spas are maintained and disinfected probably (and I don't think most salons do it properly) - they have pipes free pedicure spas which they clean out thoroughly after each customer. There is no dust and residue from doing nails which can be super nasty.

    The Shellac are great and I believe that they have probably the most choices in color for that kind of manicure. The pedicures are done very thoroughly and usually last me for about 4-5 weeks.

  • Not a good salon at all in my experience. I had a problem getting off the nail polish and went back for help. The person yelled at me across a packed salon that 'it wasn't their problem and I was probably using wrong nail polish remover' and 'what did i want them to do about it'. I would have payed to have them remove it if wasn't so rude.
  • Forget the rest, this nail boutique is the best. They are the cleanest nail salon I've came across and their service is exceptional. Most importantly my nails is perfect every time. I won't go anywhere else from now. Definitely recommended.
  • I walked in to Nails Tech after having stormed out of a previous nail salon in tears. The girl at the counter was so understanding and helpful that I was just so amazed that irrespective of how busy this salon was, she took over 10minutes to help me decide on a right colour for my wedding dress. What surprised me even more was that they had an in house colour consultant to match your skin tone and dress to the right polish colour. I would recommend anyone who wants to be spoilt and made to feel special, and not rushed out the door to come here. Hence to say that my mind was put at ease and I loved my colour.
  • NK1 2 reviews
    I have been to so many Salon's in search for one that has high hygiene and standards. When I walked in to this one my first impression was they look professional. Once I was greeted and seated on the Pedicure Spa I got to have a good look around. The Salon was spotless clean, instruments were being sterilized in front of me and the spa's were getting disinfected in between each client. The girl's were very sweet and I was not rushed out, they took their time and made me feel like a person rather then a number. I highly recommend this Salon over any other. I am hooked on this place.
  • Shellac manicure started peeling after 5 days. When I went to discuss this with them was told of causing this problem. They also refused to offer a solution to the peeling shellac as they considered me too rude.
    • I got the Shellac treatment that I paid $130 for. The treatment started peeling in 2 days (they told me it would last 2 weeks). Rubbish. I am really disappointed. I spoke to the Management as soon as it happened and they told me to come in at the weekend to sort it out and they could fix it up for me. I couldnâ??t make it into the store at the weekend and even offered to send them a photo of what had happened. Thinking that they would at least offer to re-do the nails as most therapist would do. I went in today and they not only refused to re-do the coat, they asked me to pay to remove the varnish and then pay for further treatment. If that wasnâ??t enough they even had the audacity to try to sell me another product. I am not the type of person that would normally take the time to write reviews, but I feel so strongly about this I donâ??t want anyone else to experience this. I will never go back here again and would recommend avoiding this place all together.
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