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Reviews of Naturally On High

  • I shop at NOH every week and their prices are much lower than most other stores. My only complaint is that on several occasions when I have bought their prepackaged organic flours such as spelt and wheat and have gone to measure specific amounts for my recipes, it was evident that a 1kg pack of organic flour weighed barely over 700grms. There is really no excuse for short changing someone by 300grms. I'd prefer it if they upped their price and gave me the correct weight listed on the package.
  • I was introduced to this shop on a recent visit to Melbourne. Some friends of mine were after whole dried lemons for middle eastern cooking, but had been unable to find them. I couldn't find them on display so I asked a staff member. The manager went on a hunt for dried limes. Several minutes later he returned with a bag of dried limes. It was worth the wait!! I got to check out all the other different spices, dried fruits and cooking ingredients from all over the world. My friends were delighted when I returned with their favourite ingredient. They will be moving to Melbourne soon and will definitely look this store up!!
  • Every time I go to this shop I come home and compare the prices to online shops. I haven't once found anything cheaper online. I'm new to organic buying but this place is definitely my one stop shop. And right around the corner from home... Pretty lucky!
  • I have shopped here for many years and love this shop. But - the last time i stocked up on nuts i found they were not as fresh as usual and a lot of them were damaged. Disappointing! Let's hope it was a one off.
    • So you shop there for years and love it, you get nuts that were "not as fresh as usual" on one occasion... How does that equal a 2 out of 5 rating?
    • I'm with Shea. Natalie if you've respect for the business and appreciate the service there all the other times you've been there, this rating seems very unfair. I shop at NoH all the time and have nothing but good things to say of them.
  • This is the best health food shop in all of Melbourne! It has everything and is constantly getting new cool products. It is so well priced that it's usually cheaper then the best online prices too. I love love love it and travel nearly an hour regularly to shop there. To top it off it's totally unpretentious and the service is lovely. Love it. Couldn't recommend it more highly. Have been shopping there for years. Even my parents who live in Ocean Grove do regular shops here. Check it out and you'll find out why. Often the price difference is as much as $5!
  • This place is GREAT. Imagine a normal supermarket, without all the useless crap (i.e. 95% of it), with the remainder largely free of brash branding and marketing. It's fairly cheap, too, considering.
  • I debated long and hard about revealing my predilection for this crowded little shop (I loathe fighting through crowds), and then decided that they do actually deserve all the great business that comes their way.
    This is the best, cheapest nut & organic supplies shop in Melbourne. They have cosmetics, oils, deodorants, sugar & sugar free treats, tins of beans and vegies, teas, chocolate, organic flours, nuts, cereals, gluten free produce, vitamins, shampoos, cleaning products. Then there are the refridgerated/frozen supplies as well, too many products to mention in such a short space. They are far more reasonably priced than what you might find in a health food shop, and sometimes even cheaper (and still in the date range) then the supermarkets.
    I have shopped here for over 4 years, and adore the variety and the service. Sometimes it gets a bit cramped (especially weekends) though lets face it - you are there for the organic essentials, and to move on (not to party like it's 1999).

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