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  • Stimpy2067   3 reviews
    I bought a Zen Deluxe Diffuser in December. About 5 months later, it broke down. It has a year warranty, so I rang and spoke to them who advised me to drop in and pick up a new one.

    I drove all the way down to Marrickville and was told they were out of stock. The management said more stock will arrive end of next week. I emailed them about 2 weeks later, and they said another week. One MONTH later, I emailed them and they did not even reply.

    Concerned that I would not have my diffuser replaced and also losing $$$, I made a formal complaint with Fair Trading. Fair Trading contacted New Directions on my behalf and was informed new stock had arrived that very day - a little too convenient.

    I will never deal with New Directions again. I also agree with the previous reviewers regarding the quality of their oils which is why I have been buying oils elsewhere for the past 5 years. I made a huge mistake by going to New Directions.

    1 month ago - 28/06/2014

  • January Girl Local Star   106 reviews
    I carefully tested out their products over a period of time before writing this review. Essential oils are fantastic, albeit expensive, so I wanted to consider more elements before writing it.

    I purchased multiple essential oils and creams from New Directions in Marrickville. The showroom is attractive and the salespeople are friendly at first glance, although after a while some of them just seem to act passive aggressive - I think there are some unusual dynamics in that work environment. The charm is thin though, from what I saw.
    Anyway that wouldn't matter to me if the oils and products are what I would expect - there's always online service! I asked the sales front desk about the oils and were told they are high quality and last just as long as any others.

    The experience when I took them back home and into the office environment is different however. I find that the aromas of most of the oils do not hold long, they also lack the depth of more expensive essential oils I have purchased. Two of the oils have already turned an off colour/texture - it looks like it no longer pure and has changed colour which I can see through the clear brown bottles (and which were supposed to enhance the life and care of the oils). I have checked the smell to see if they have gone rancid but they don't seem to have changed smell particularly, just texture and colour. Not so great for a short period of time anyway.

    I also need to add quite a lot of drops just to get some aroma that I feel is credible and as most people familiar with aromatherapy know, genuine grade essential oils are expensive and not items that you want to use a lot of for effect. Have also not been impressed with the creams I bought.

    In other words, I'm disappointed and although the place is 'wholesale' and sells at a lower cost to the public, I feel at the end of the day that I wasted the few hundreds of dollars as the oil just doesn't hold in the same way others do. And the creams I will definitely not use again. For clarity, I have tried In Essence, Springfields, and also another wholesaler. All are superior, and some much more so. For example, my Springfields oils have retained the density, and freshness after a year and really give the sense of a quality product. In Essence is also rather nice.

    I would not recommend New Directions myself, and will never shop there again.

    5 months ago - 14/03/2014

  • jadiee86 Newbie   1 review
    I have purchased from New Directions quite a few time's and I'm proud to say that I could not recommend this company more. They always have what I need, everything is in date, quality is exceptional and delivery is super fast. I am very happy and will continue to purchase from you.
  • GWentworth Newbie   1 review
    My friend of 20 years is a local aromatherapist whom makes quite large purchases from this establishment. I was asked to accompany herself which I agreed. The company had outside parking for customers which was quite convenient. The premises was absolutely beautiful and what caught my eye was the stunning door at the entrance. As we entered, the aroma of essential oils instantly come at you. We made our way to the beautiful showroom which housed all the products this company had to offer. From essential oils, raw materials, bath salts, clays, skin care products, packaging and more. I was quite surprised such an establishment such as this was located within this vicinity. We were served by the sales consultant at the front desk who's fantastic customer service and wealth of knowledge of the products further added to our experience. As we waited for my friend's order to be picked from downstairs? (From my understanding the premises had a warehouse located beneath the showroom), a staff approached the front desk. I was quite shocked at the foul language used and mocking of the sales consultant. I found that the management was quite rude, invasive and unprofessional. The sales consultant whom had served us was seated behind desk while staff was publicly yelled and sworn at. In my opinion, this "management" was the wrong representation of the company on so many levels. Never in my years have I come across such a shocking experience. The sales consultant continued to serve us with a smile and I must say I was extremely proud of the service had offered us. As we made our way to the stairs, the management was standing near the reception desk having quite a loud discussion which I found to be extremely inappropriate and foul language was used again. I strongly advise the companies management to take into consideration of implementing procedures from prohibiting such. This is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.
    - George

    10 months ago - 08/10/2013

  • myview321   2 reviews
    Brilliant service and fast delivery. Loved the products - quite top rate! Also wish there was one on the Northern Beaches.
  • Bushbaybee   2 reviews
    This is a wonderful resource for essential oils and natural products and the warehouse set in an awesome art deco style building is just beautiful to browse through. Add to that the workshops avaialble and it is the perfect shop! Just wish it was closer to me.

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