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Reviews of Newtown Family Chiropractic

  • Following neck surgery to relieve pain circa 1997, I thought it prudent to avoid chiropractors who were bone crunchers for any future adjustments since they seem unable to accurately adjust only one vertebra. Being fearful of damaging the operated area, I therefore set about trying to find a chiropractor who could successfully adjust only those vertebrae which required moving.
    I was always sceptical about the final neck crack which seemed to move vertebrae that had just been adjusted by the practitioner. That movement seemed to me to be only in one direction and always the same direction. Was it necessary? What is/was its purpose? Did it move the vertebrae to an unwanted position? What impact would it have on the operated area? What if I was not as relaxed as the practitioner wanted? Would I suffer permanent damage to my spine or worse?
    During said research, I discovered the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique (Activator) which causes pressure to be sited specifically at the target area thereby eliminating the possibility of moving other vertebra(e) which do not require adjustment, thereby disturbing other areas which do not require adjustment as may occur with more traditional chiropractic methods.
    Reasoning that this may be the treatment system required, I started with Peter circa 1999. Adjustments are quick, painless and no neck cracking at the end as per other chiropractic techniques. The above questions/trepidations are no longer part of my chiropractic visits.
  • I first went to Newtown Family Chiropractic when I was pregnant and had a intense lower back pain. I was refer to Peter because he doesn't crack and I was skeptical at first. He certainly didn't crack, and his adjustments were gentle however I felt the improvement straight after our first session. I totally recommend Newtown Family Chiropractic. He also does Kinesiology , which I found super effective as well.
  • Ive been seeing Peter for a little over a year now and I still can't believe the difference its made to my life. My neck was causing me constant pain and he managed to elivtiate the worst of it within a few treatments. Chiropractic treatment is not an instant cure though, it generally requires a long term committment to actually right the underlying issues and stop the pain recurring, something that Peter has always been very transparent about.
  • Peter took the time to try and figure out the cause of my pain which my previous chiro and osteopath didn't do. Since I started I have had a lot of relief and I'd encourage anyone to go and see peter.
  • I first saw Peter about 3 years ago. I had been seeing a physiotherapist for a year and also a massage therapist and was still living in chronic neck and back pain.
    Within about 2 weeks of treatment with Peter, my pain level had drastically dropped and after 3 months of intensive treatment I basically got my life back and was virtually pain free. I continue to have maintenance treatments and continue to be pain free.
    Peter also now treats my 15 year old mini fox terrier dog, who after just one treatment was acting like a young puppy again, it was amazing to witness such a positive change in him.
    I highly recommend Peter to anyone (or dog) who is living with any kind of pain, it has changed my life..
  • I was a chiropractor sceptic. I was forced to go see Peter because of my wynging. Now, thanks to Peter, I am a chiropactor fan. I sit at a desk all day I use a computer I used to live with pain, now I dont, how good is that?
  • I have only been seeing Peter a few short months, and I'm glad I decided to try something different. My shoulder pain which brought me to Peter was gone within a couple of weeks with intensive treatment. Peter gave me the courage to seek further dental treatment which was sorely needed also. His advice and kind words have changed me for the better. I'm very pleased with my progress.
  • I've been seeing Peter since 2006, when I hobbled up to his practice with a back spasm that had kept me doubled over for three days. Within twenty minutes I was upright and, miraculously, completely free of pain. I've been back regularly ever since for help with various problems, some of them dating back to my childhood. Peter's holistic approach, and his ongoing concern for the treatment of causes rather than symptoms has meant that some things that would conventionally be written off as intractable have shown amazing and lasting improvements.
  • I have been seeing them for many years now. Most recently they have sorted out a significant RSI issue I acquired from excessive computer work. Always on time, always has time. They care about getting to the cause not just fixing the symptoms.
  • I had a chance to meet with Peter ODwyer and his lovely assistant Brett via my obstetrician. Im pregnant for 34 weeks and had spent my 30 to 33rd weeks in great agony because of my back pain. Since the pain started on my left side and went through my leg, later passed thru my right side after a week, I thought it is something related to sciatica and my nerves. After trying physiotherapy and osteopathy, finally Ive made the right choice by one of the best chiropractor, Peter. His exceptional method was truly non-painful, thanks to the pregnancy cushion in the practice; I was able to lie face down after 33 weeks. I was not able to walk, sit or stand up without pain, now Im feeling great after couple of sessions. Apart from his exceptional technique, he has a smiling face and soothing chiropractic practice. Im pleased with my treatment and strongly recommend Newtown Family Chiropractic to pregnant women suffering any kind of pain related to their nerves.
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