NIB Health Funds Limited

Melbourne, VIC
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Reviews of NIB Health Funds Limited

  • NIB service policy and coverage is NOT made for people who really need a support.

    I've been NIB for over 10 years, paying top dollar with no claim(i've been healthly). When I need more health fund accidental dental repair, they can not help me more than normal paid. NO respect how long you are with. REALLY FRUSTRATING. I could just put aside my saving every month instead of paying to this non-sense health fun.

    NIB is just collecting cash to the NIB business investors more richer - NOT customer concern of helping people's medical bill -- BAD BUSINESS MODEL.

    GRAB CHEAPEST COVERAGE from private insurance, put extra cash to saving, actually has more benefit than paying "Top premium" to the company LIKE NIB!

  • I joined NIB just before June 30th as I think I pay enough tax as it is. After comparing each fund on the net NIB seemed to be well priced and they have already processed my first claim.
  • Good cheap health insurance fund. I was a member of another one but they kept on raising my premium heaps each year so I was happy to go to NIB which were a lot more competitive. They even have an i phone app to claim!
  • Great health insurance company that I have been with for over 5 years now. Really cheap and easy to claim. Customer service could be better but for the price I'm happy to claim online!

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