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  • Batears Newbie   1 review
    Quality little shop if you want hands on family service I got a little french bulldog pied in colour he is a great quality little puppy
    Highly knowlegable about anything dog related
    The vet they use is excellent gave me a good discount
    They are just friendly bunch of people doing there best :)

    9 months ago - 27/02/2014

  • Davidbowielover777 Newbie   2 reviews
    I love this store. Hands down my best pet shop in the area.
    I have to share this and I'm not really one for writing reviews as a rule but.......
    The staff are fantastic - I took my dog in there as i was walking past i asked how much for nail clipping the guy came and clipped my dogs nails and gave the dog a bowl of water ( it was a filthy hot day) he he saw a a flea on my dogs neck and sprayed it with flea spray all over my dog he kept patting my dog (Mitch) blue staff and i asked how much? He said for you nothing - Pretty great guy pretty great store its always clean and looks very well kept
    I would highly suggest this place for there above and beyond service
    Thank you for doing that for my dog i will come back to buy all my flea products and also my other gear from you guys and thank you again

    11 months ago - 03/01/2014

  • MatthewW   3 reviews
    Bought crickets here today gave me two free boxes as they got a order in and had two many @winning
  • Climo Newbie   1 review
    Although they didn't have exactly what we were looking for, they were still a great help
    They put us in touch with were to source our bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jerrynotseinfield   3 reviews
    I love going in here well run and super clean
  • DamienScott   4 reviews
    Bought a cage seed and three budgies from here today and found there customer service to be fantastic
    Very happy with it sorry if i talked your ears off (LOL)
    Liked the fact all pets look clean and well looked after
  • galea1966   7 reviews
    love this place. I sometimes go to look around when I'm bored. Its a great place to just take your kids and walk around. So many animals to see. I love going looking at huge fish in front of the shop and seeing with the other animals. I also buy my bird food from this place, so dont think this is some irrelevant review
    my Daughter bought a puppy here too nice boys in the shop to serve you too
    And I never had a problem receiving help at any time. Good business.
  • prettyboy Newbie   1 review
    Service here A ++++
    Nothing beats a family run and operated store
  • Mr plow Pet Lover   15 reviews
    I feel this is one of the better pet shops i have ever been to what ever your opinion of pet shops or zoos or any place animals are kept,The animals that are in the shop are all extremely well cared for and looked after they have more than enought staff most times i go in there is a staff member sitting with pups in the pens and the pens are large
  • Scottydoestknow Pet Lover   11 reviews
    Awesome shop service is A+
    Good price on anything and caring staff good place to have a chat about pets
    The girls in shop are brilliant excuse the expression but they know their thing.
  • noodle2301   6 reviews
    Always drop in here to have a sticky beak and buy pigs ears and trotters for my two dogs i like to have a sticky beak at all the pets i drop shreded paper in there
    I bought two dog beds from this shop today they were $99 each the shop owner gave me them for $160.00 and gave me two free pigs ears for my dog you dont really have too many of these little family shops around nowadays :)
    The guy in the shop is always interested in my dogs the pet shop is such a lovely and a unique pet store. The staff members are so friendly and very helpfu with anything espically dog related , they answer your questions with outstanding communication skills and the animals that I have purchased are very healthy and happy even though i have only bought fish from there
  • snakeman777   5 reviews
    Buy crickets and meal worms here every week good bunch in here
    Bought a little jack russell there in january the best thing is the service in here very family like animals look well cared for crickets and things are always in on fridays i have a heap load of lizards so i think im one of there best customers
  • Jamtart666 Newbie   1 review
    I bought a kitten here today a black and white male what a lovely addition he has made no issue with this shop and found service to be more than A+ would suggest going there for anything owner operated shop also hands on and very friendly owner called after to see how cat settled into its new environment kitten was also litter tranined
    We have a dog ( Rodger ) which we bought from the shop but that was previous owners i think becuse he is 9 years old a little mini foxie dog pet shop reccomended using vet in rooty hill but we always have taken all our animals to P & D Mylonas & A. O'Callaghan Vet Hospital on kildare road as they are more than brillant
    anyway we love our little cat and hope he loves our little dog
  • Jay Kimes Newbie   1 review
    Top place this one
    got three pets here all good quality and healthy
    Two cichlid fish and a Mini chihuahua type rat we love her though very cute not to manly though but i got a staffy from a mate too ha ha
  • Dominoesgirl666   3 reviews
    Don't go to pet shops much as i buy on line but wanted advice
    I bought Septicide Antiseptic Cream with Insecticide 100g product recommended by the shop assistant for my dog at home it has terrible ears and suffered from flies every time it starts to get hot at all she is a staffordshire ears bleed and she carries on a treat
    This is an antiseptic cream for general use on wounds in dogs and horses. It also contains insecticides to repel and kill insects that are attracted to but the only annoying thing is it stains ears but it actually worked the guy at shop raved about it and i tried it out with success flies are the only bad thing about summer
  • Dickiewatts Newbie   1 review
    Bought a ginger 9 week old kitten here last week and my girl loves it its toilet trained
    Kitten is really one of a kind id recommend this place to anyone whom wants a kitten.
    This one came vaccinated micro chipped wormed and heart wormed and we took it up to there vet for a free vet check we thought we would do the right thing and get the cat desexed Ive never in my life had a cat but this one is tolerable lol
  • louiethefly Newbie   1 review
    My local shop love going up here get a coffee at bakery and visit shop
    very clean shop friendly staff and nice atmosphere take my kids here every weekend :)
  • chriskaz05 Newbie   1 review
    BUYER BEWARE: Bought a Jack Russell puppy back in 2007, now 5 years later I have vet receipts totalling over $10 000 due to 2 genetic diseases.
  • bigwillie Newbie   1 review
    I bought my Rabbits and guiena pig here
    Good shop got a care sheet and pretty good service would go back again!
  • c.knox8 Newbie   1 review
    Wonderful service. Bought my puppy here and they were great help. The staff were very helpful and professional. Will definitely go back for any pet needs.

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