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Reviews of Noodle Box

  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star 962 reviews
    I think its great that there is a bit of Asian food available at the Gold Coast airport. I am not saying it is the most amazing Asian food I've ever eaten but it fills you up and creates a decent range to foods to choose from. I find the service friendly and enjoyed the noodles that I picked up last time I passed through. Lots of air-port styles tables and chairs to relax on whilst you eat.
  • I was in Cooly the other day and decided to give the Noodle Box in Griffith Street a try. I'd never had Noodle Box before so I spoke the lovely young lady there and she recommended the Combination No 8, the Honey Soy, and the Nasi Goreng (a rice dish). I got a regular combination and a regular nasi. The food was all made while a watched. The girls serving were quick and efficient and the chef cooking the meal was amazing.
    The food was great, the combination was delicious and my husband loved the Nasi (he likes spicy food). The regular portion was huge and I ended up reheating the rest of it for lunch the next day.
    I noticed they had lunch specials on that included the honey soy so I'm going to give that a try when I go up there next week.
  • Quite odd.
    -My Laksa had a tomato-based broth and no coconut. That's a first for me.
    -My wife's Singapore Noodles were noodles, three prawns.
    -Our friend's vegetarian noodles were soy-soaked and unpalatable.
  • This is my first review ever!! I was that annoyed that I've had to say something. I was told there was a vegetarian gung ho option. I asked about tofu considering the price is the same as the meat dish. They said yes to tofu and when I received my meal it had ONE 2cm x 2cm square of tofu. I'm sure the meat dishes have more meat than that. What a disgrace and rip off. Will never eat here again and I'll let my friends know too!
  • Easy, quick and delicious. Cooked fresh and tastes great. And you can mix and match the ingredients. Prices are affordable for a take out!
  • the best tasting noodles around, cooked so quickly and fresh
  • P.M. 36 reviews
    Although the customer service wasn't the best, the noodles are always delicious. They always take too long for my liking to prepare the meals, but the wait is worth it in the end.

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